• 35 Stylish Nail Art Designs to Give a Try in 2019

    Applying trendy designs to your nails is definitely a great way to show off your personal style. There are so many nail art designs out there, however they might not all be amazing for your style. If you want others to get jealous of your cool nail designs, you are reading the right post for […] More

  • Nail Shapes for Short Fingers

    Nail Shapes for Short Fingers

    What are the best nail shapes for short fingers? We all have different shapes and when it comes to our hands and fingers, the rule is the same. All of the shapes are definitely beautiful as much as the others. However, they might need to have customized work to look awesome. As all the people […] More

  • Nail Shapes for Long Fingers

    What are the best nail shapes for long fingers? People are all in different shapes and different sizes. The shape and size of their body determines the shape of their hands. Tall people tend to have long and thin fingers and short people tend to have short and thicker fingers. There is no perfect shape […] More

  • nail shapes for beginners

    DIY Nail Shapes for Beginners

    Easiest Nail Shapes to Do at Home Nails are one of the most important aspects when it comes to appereance. As nailsĀ are the first thing that stands out when you are out, choosing a nail shape that is right for your style and right for the shape of your hands is really important. Our nails […] More

  • Nail Abnormalities: What Your Nail Tells About Your Health

    Nails are of of the most important parts of our body. We use our nails to have a better appearance and to look good. We shape our nails to any nail shape we want and we color them the color we want and they basically represent our personality. What we don’t actually know is that […] More

  • 7 Best Nail Polish Colors for Light Skin


    7 Best Nail Polish Colors for Light Skin

    Choosing the best nail color might not be that easy. There are many factors you have to think before you choose the color of your nail polish. Your dress, the occasion, the time of the event and etc. However, the most important factor to think about when it comes to choosing a nail color is […] More

  • Trending

    7 Best Nail Polish Colors for Dark Skin

    If you are looking for a beautiful nail color, then you know that it might be a little bit confusing. Because choosing the perfect color for you depends on many factors. There are many beautiful nail colors on many people. However, you might notice that some colors look good on people, on the other hand […] More

  • Top 7 Manicure And Pedicure Tools To Have At Home


    Top 7 Essential Manicure And Pedicure Tools To Have At Home

    What are the best manicure and pedicure tools? Our hands and feet add significantly to our beauty and overall health. However, these two important parts of our body are constantly exposed to dirt and harsh weather on a daily basis. They accumulate a whole lot of dirt and washing is never enough. So if you […] More

  • 26 DIY Nail Designs with Tutorials for Beginners

    26 DIY Nail Designs with Tutorials for Beginners

    DIY Nail Design Ideas If you are looking to make some difference today, you will have a real competition. When it comes to nail designs, painting your nails with just one color is not enough. As there are so many skillful people you see on the internet, if you are looking to make some attractive […] More

  • nails-personality

    Nail Shapes, Meaning and Personality Analysis

    There are may nail shapes among many people. People decide to shape their nails because they feel like it. And the shape they choose often matches with their personality. Nail shapes are great source of information when it comes to our personality and characteristics. You won’t believe how our nail shapes explains our personality. What […] More

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