35 Gorgeous Acrylic Nail Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Acrylic nails are great when it comes to making different and amazing nail designs to attract the eyes of the people around you and make them jealous. If you have already read our “Acrylic Nails Guide” and learn everything about acrylic nails, then you are ready to get them and apply amazing designs on.

Everything You Need to Know About Acrylic Nails

However, we all know that choosing the right design for your hands is a whole another mission. You will have to think about the event you are going to attend the next 2 or 3 weeks and also think about the dresses you will wear at those events. These are all important facts to think about when it comes to choosing the best designs for your acrylic nails.

Here are 35 amazing acrylic nail designs that will surely blow your mind and let you think out of the box when it comes to acrylic nail designs.

35 Best Acrylic Nail Designs

Black acrylic nails are always classy. And if you add some shiny details on them, it will blow minds of the people around you.

Ombre looks good on your nails as well as your hair. Especially this nude ombre design of acrylic nails look natural and beautiful.

nude ombre acrylic nails

We all love yellow and pink. And when they come together they make the perfect match <3

pink and yellow acrylic nails

Pink is great! Giving shiny details on pink acrylics makes it greater!

pink acrylic nails

Nude nails are one of the most trendy nail designs on Instagram right now. Here’s a great example of nude acrylic nails.

nude acrylics nails

Brown is classy. Shades of brown with shiny details will look amazing on every occasion.

brown shades acrylic nails

We said brown is classy, but black has a different place in our hearts. This design with shades of black with pointy and marbly details look gorgeous.

black shades acrylic nails

Yellow is lovable. This basic yellow design of acrylic nails looks amazing.

yellow acrylic nails

Don’t you love blue and pink together? This ombre blue and pink acrylic nail design look soo cute! <3

blue pink acrylic nails

This is another version of black acrylic nails with shiny white details on them!

black acrylic nail

This color looks like a mix of purple and brown. Whatever it is, it looks CLASSY! Definitely a great color and design of acrylic nails to consider.

acrylic nail design

Shades of brown with shiny golden details on almond-shaped acrylic nails. That’s a long name… but worth trying!

brown and gold acrylic nail design

This grey and white design of acrylic nail look like aluminum. This design is a special one. You should consider wearing it! Also, those accessories match so well.

aluminium acrylic nails

This is a different version of french nail design using black tips instead of white.

black french acrylic nails

This acrylic nail design will make you feel the Noel spirit with all different design on every nail.

noel acrylic nails

If you want classy look on your nails, this choice of acrylic nail designs will support you and help you do it.

acrylic nail designs

Painting of snowflake looks so cute on acrylic nails. You should certainly consider if you are looking for a design in winter.

snow acrylic nail design

This great design with grey base and the black painting look so elegant!

black and grey acrylic nail shape

French tip nails always look great. With an amazing detail of work, now this is special!

french tip acrylic nails

Purple is always a good choice. Basic purple acrylic nails are great if you are looking to attract some eyes.

purple acrylic nail design

Another example of snowy acrylic nail design with a red base which makes you feel the Noel spirit on your nails.

snow flake nail design

Example of acrylic nail design with soft colors & pearl details will look great on every kind of event you are going to attend!

white and pink acrylic nail design

Now, this design is a special one. We know it’s not easy to do it at home by yourself. But a great example of what can be achieved with talented hands.

acrylic nail desing

This nude and white acrylic nail design looks like a different version of french tip nails. Isn’t it?

nude and white acrylic nails

This colorful design of acrylic nails doesn’t look as hard as the ones above. But it looks entertaining and worth trying.

colorful acrylic nail design

This light nude choice of acrylic nail design will look classy on your hands.

pink acrylic nail design

Another masterpiece of acrylic nail design with a grey base.

grey acrylic nail design

This special work of nail art looks amazing and shiny. This design will certainly blow minds!

colorful acrylic nail design

Marble design looks amazing on anything. Marble design with gold and silver colors on the nail… it is SPECIAL!

marble acrylic nail design

Another design of snowflake on acrylic nails. Good idea to wear on Winters.

snow flake acrylic nail design

This matte nude nail design with almond shape looks so classy and elegant. Also Mercedes key helps…

matte nude acrylic nail design

Special design of daisy on acrylic nails. Made by a talented nail artist!

daisy acrylic nail design

This acrylic nail design with cold colors and shiny details looks amazing.

blue shades acrylic nails

Matte colors look so stylish. And if the matte color is blue, it looks gorgeous!

matte blue acrylic nail design

This turquoise based acrylic nail design certainly made by a very talented nail artist. With these amazing looking flowers and skull, this shape is also special!

We have seen all these acrylic nail designs looking incredibly stylish. However, if you want a completely classy look, you should consider checking these short hairstyles out. Here’s an amazing website showing you everything you need to know about short hairstyles:


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