Best Nail Shapes for Fat & Chubby Fingers

Nail shapes are one of the most important aspects when it comes to look attractive. There so many nail shapes you can use to match the occasion you are in.

Here are the largest guide for you to learn about best nail shapes:

What Nail Shape Is Best For Your Hands?

There is also whole another situation when it comes to choosing your nail shape. One of the most important thing to keep in mind is the shape of your fingers.

People all have different body shapes and these body shapes helps us to find the best accessories matching great with our shapes. For example; if you are a chubby person, you need to wear clothes with vertical stripes or basic black to look thinner and fitter. However for people who are skinny, the choices must be the exact opposite. Wearing dresses with horizontal stripes or light colors will make you look so good.

pink oval nails

Our hands and fingers have the same problem with body shapes. So many people face problem with their fat/chubby fingers. However, there’s solution for the problem with chubby fingers: the right nail shape.

Nail shapes are one of the best ways to show your personality and create an attractive look. Here are the best nail shapes for you to make your fingers look thinner. And if you are looking to slim your hands and fingers, changing your nail shape is definitely the right choice.

What nail shape make your fingers look skinny?

Squoval Nail Shape

White Squoval Nails

Squoval nail shape is the combination of square and oval nail shapes. The difference between square or oval nail shapes and squoval nail shape is squoval nail shape has edges but softer than the square shape.

Filing squoval nail shapes are one of the simplest filing procedures because it is so close to your natural nail shape.

This nail shape is ideal for almost every woman. It’s soft edges are so useful and it matches with every kind of occasion.

Squoval nail shape will definitely make your chubby fingers look skinny. Especially long squoval nail shape is the right choice if you are looking to make your fingers look longer and thinner than it is.

Here’s a large guide about squoval nails including types of squoval nails, celebrities with squoval nails, personality and characteristic of squoval nails and how to make them.

Squoval Nails Guide

Almond Nail Shape

french almond nails

Almond nail shape is one of the most common nail shape among the popular celebrities. Almond nail shape basically looks like almond. It’s base is wide and getting narrow while coming to peak. Just like an almond.

Filing the almond nail shape might not seem easy at first, however if you look closely to the guides on Youtube, you will definitely learn to shape it quickly.

Almond nail shape is very trendy and it look so classy. So if you are looking for a popular nail shape that will look elegant and attract eyes on the events you are in, almond nail shape is the right one.

Almond nail shape will certainly make your fat fingers look thinner.

Here’s a large guide about almond nails including types of almond nails, celebrities with almond nails, personality and characteristic of almond nails and how to make them.

Almond Nails Guide

Oval Nail Shape

pink-purple oval nails

Oval nail shape is definitely one of the nail shapes that both easy to make and look gorgeous at the same time. This nail shape definitely requires long and natural nails. This shape is so useful and matches with every kind of clothes.

Oval nails are so ideal for the women with chubby fingers, if you are looking to make your hands and fingers look skinny. This shape looks also so feminine which is going to attract the men around you.

Long oval nails are the one of the best choices for the ones who have small, fat and chubby fingers to make them look longer, thinner and skinnier.

Here’s a large guide about oval nails including types of oval nails, celebrities with oval nails, personality and characteristic of oval nails and how to make them.

Oval Nails Guide

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