Can a Damaged Nail or Nail Bed Be Repaired?

How can I repair my nail or nail bed?

We are not always one of the lucky ones with strong and healthy nails. Sometimes, it’s not easy to maintain your nails’ health and keep them strong and flawless. Many people have a problem with their nails in terms of health and strength.

Many external factors may damage your nails and nail beds such as the chemicals on acrylic nails, LED lamps or UV lights when applying gel extensions, the removing procedure of gel and acrylic nails and even breaking or splitting them.

So when you are trying to look gorgeous by having nail manicures, you might get your nails damaged. Damaging your nails is definitely painful and not healthy. So we have gathered all of the information on how to repair your damaged nails and nail beds and make them healthy and stronger again.

How to repair your nails and nail beds

Soak your nails in olive oil


Olive oil is really great for your thin and weak nails which have a tendency to break. Soaking your nails in olive oil for 5-10 minutes a day twice a week will really help you to get your nails strong and get rid of dryness. Don’t forget to rub the oil on your nails and nail beds. It will moisturize your nails and your nails will lose its tendency to break. You have to know that dry nails mean damaged nails.

Limit the water exposure


Yes, getting hydrated is really good for both your body and nails. However, soaking your nails in water is not good. It will take all of its oil and make your nails dry.

Don’t use your nails as tools


Never use your fingers as tools to open things. You have to know that they might not be strong enough for these tasks and they can break eventually.

Consume biotin-rich foods or take biotin supplements


Biotin is definitely one of the most important ingredients for your nails. Biotin will help you get your nails thick and strong. Try to consume eggs, whole grains, and avocado. If you are having problem with your diet, consider taking biotin as a supplement to your diet.

Don’t forget about vitamins


If you want your nails to get strong and thick with a healthy nail bed underneath, taking a multivitamin daily will help you achieve this.

Never over-rub your nails


Avoid over-rubbing your nails when using a potent nail polish remover. When you are trying to remove the polish, you are damaging your nails and nail beds which is why your nail or nail beds don’t repair themselves.

Talk to a professional


You might get your nails and nail beds strong again by applying the rules above. However, if you feel that your nails and nail beds need strong treatment, you definitely have to see a professional at a nail salon.

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