Diva Nails: 60 Diva Nail Art Design Ideas from Instagram

Nail art is the one thing that saves us when it’s time to go to an event you have learned about on the same day. If you want to look amazing and be remarkable wherever you go, you definitely need diva nails. Diva nails will certainly make you look like a diva and you will amaze everyone around you!

What are diva nails?

Diva nails are amazing nail designs that you can actually use wherever you go. These amazing nails can make you look stunning at a night event you are in or even in the gym when you are doing your daily routine.

We all want attention sometimes. That’s where diva nails come to save you. When you apply these diva nails we are going to show you, you will definitely look amazing wherever you are.

Diva Nail Art Design Ideas

If you are looking for some diva nail art design ideas, you are in the right place. We have gathered 60 diva nail ideas for you to get inspired!

1. Blue, Purple & Pink Stiletto Nails

If you need three colors to combine, here are the best matching colors: blue, purple and pink.


2. Orange and Yellow Square Nails

To shine like the sun wherever you go, orange and yellow square nails might be a good choice for you.


3. Green Long Almond Nail Art

Green always looks amazing and attract eyes. With a nail art on your green long almond nails, you will be a diva for sure.


4. Cow Print Stiletto Nails

Cow print is one of the trendiest nail designs out there. Here’s an example for you:


5. Shades of nude

Nude color is trendy right now. And it has amazing shades you can use.


6. Another Blue, Pink and Purple Stiletto Nails

Here’s another example of blue, pink and purple stiletto nails.


7. Purple and Yellow Nail Art

Purple and yellow look amazing together. Here’s a great example of it with a cute flower.


8. Nude Nails with Unicorn

Unicorn is one of the cutest things ever! Here’s a great example of how you can use unicorn on your nails.


9. Blue and Nude Ombre Nails

Want to look like a diva? Here’s a great shiny nail art idea to get you there!


10. Yellow and White Marble Nails

Marble is one of the best looking nail art designs around!


11. Pink Nails with Hearts

If you want to look like diva but kind of a cute one, here’s a great example of that.


12. Watermelon Nails

Watermelon is something you can use if you want amazing looking nails.


13. Turquoise and Pink Nails

Turquoise and pink look amazing together! Here’s an example you can get inspired from.


14. Brown and Yellow Square Nails

Brown and yellow look sexy. If you add some details like below, you will look amazing.


15. Black and Pink Nails

Black and pink look hot together. Here’s an amazing black and pink long almond nail design.


16. Transparent Coffin Nails with Flowers

Transparent nails are something you can think of if you want a different nail art.


17. Red and Nude nails with Gold

Here’s a sexy nail art design idea that you can use.


18. Pinky Pearl Nails

Pearl nails are the right nail design if you want to look like a diva!


19. Reddish Nails with white details

If you add right details, a classical reddish nail can even make you look like a diva right away.


20. Black Matte Nails with Nail Art

Matte colors are trendy. Adding nail art to matte nails will make you look like a diva for sure.


21. Dark Blue Nail Art

Dark blue is one of the classiest colors around. If you add some nail art, you will look stunning.


22. Neon Green Nail Art Design

Neon green always looks stunning and remarkable. Check this one out!


23. Red Shiny Coffin Nails

Coffin nails always look great. But if they are red and shiny, they are remarkable!


24. Burgundy Nails

Burgundy is a sexy color. You can use all of the shades of burgundy.


25. Shiny Pink Nails

Pink nails are cute. If they are shiny, they look incredible!


26. Cute Red Nails

Cute red nails are always the right choice to look amazing!


27. Pink Nails with French Tips

French tips are always popular But have you ever seen them on red nails? Here’s a great inspiration.


28. Red Nails

Red nails are always a good choice to look like a diva for sure.


29. Pink Marble Nails

Marble nail design always looks amazing. Here’s a pink marble design example.


30. Yellow Neon Nails with Tiger Print

Yellow neon nails are diva even without tiger print. But with tiger print, they look stunning.


31. Red Almond Nails

You need to know that red almond nails are always diva nails!


32. Blue Nail Art

Blue is elegant and cool. With some nail, it will look amazing.


33. Blue Nail Art Design

Here’s a great shiny blue nail design for you to get inspired.


34. Burgundy and Pink

Glittery burgundy and pink match amazing.


35. Colorful Nail Design

The more color you have, the more eyes you attract!


36. Colorful Oval Nails

Want to look like a diva? Colors are the answer for you.


37. Neon Flower Print Nails

Flowers look amazing on nails. With neon colors, they will look stunning!


38. Colorful Nails

Another example of colorful nails which are remarkable.


39. Shades of cute colors

You can always make a mix from the shades of cute color to look stunning.


40. Blue Marble Effect Nails

Marbles are always a good choice. Here are great blue marble effect nails.


41. Gold and Nude Nails

Gold and nude look classy and hot at the same time. Here’s an example:


42. Gold and Black Nails

Gold and black look good together. You can choose them to look like a diva!


43. Shiny Gold Nails

Do you want to look like a diva? Gold is your color!


44. White and Green Nail Art

Here’s a great example of white and green nail art which looks stunning!


45. Shining Turquoise Nails

How can you not attract eyes and look like a diva with it?


46. Glittery Blue Nails

If you are shining blue, what can go wrong?


47. Nude Nail Art

Like nude nails? Add some nail art to look like a diva!


48. Nude Nail Art 2

Another example of nude nail art with a unicorn this time.


49. Orange Nail Art

Orange is always remarkable. Want to shine? Get this nail art design.


50. Long Pink Nails

You might find it basic at first. But long pink nails always attract eyes and an easy choice if you want a quick nail design.


51. Oval French Tips

French tips are popular. Have you ever seen them oval shaped?


52. Red and White Shiny Nails

If you want to shine, this nail design is definitely for you.


53. Long Pink Nails

Another example of long pink nails that look amazing.


54. Gold Mirror Nails

Gold is always a remarkable choice. But what if shines like a mirror. That’s a diva!


55. Purple and Yellow Nails with Flower

Purple and yellow always look good together. And a cute flower nail art will make you look stunning.



56. Red Stiletto Nails with Diamonds

Red stiletto nails are always enough to look like a diva. But if you don’t think so, here’s an example with diamonds!



57. Cute Shiny Nail Design

You may not want to look cute. But if you add shine, you will always look remarkable.


58. Orange and Turquoise Nails

Orange and turquoise might not seem popular but look how amazing they look together!


59. Purple Nail Design

A classy purple nail art design with a shiny nail look great!


60. White and Yellow Marble Design Nails

Marble design is always amazing as we mentioned above. Here’s another great example of that.



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