DIY Nail Shapes for Beginners

Easiest Nail Shapes to Do at Home

Nails are one of the most important aspects when it comes to appearance. As nailsĀ are the first thing that stands out when you are out, choosing a nail shape that is right for your style and right for the shape of your hands is important. Our nails affect how other people will approach us and how they will feel at first sight.

However, we all know that shaping nails is not an easy mission. There are so many nail shapes and they are hard to shape. Also, it’s so much harder if you are a beginner. So if you are a beginner, you have to choose the nail shape you need wisely. Because once you start shaping your nails, you might not turn back. As a beginner, start with the easier nail shapes. Here are DIY nail shapes for beginners you can easily apply right now.

Square Nail Shape


Square nail shape is one of the easiest nail shapes around. If you want to have square-shaped nails, all you need to do is cut your nails’ top straight with creating sharp corners. What you need to be careful about is the sharp edges of square nails. The sharp edges of your square nails can scratch your clothes or might brake on a hard surface.

If you have long fingers with wide nail beds, the square nail shape is the right shape for you as it will make your nails look a lot wider than they are.

Here’s a Youtube video on how to make square nails:


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Almond Nail Shape

french almond nails

Almond nail shape is one of the most popular and trendy nail shapes around. Almond nail shape took its name from almonds because their shapes are so similar. It’s a very attractive shape and gives a feminine look to hands. If you want to shape almond nails, you have to slender on the sides while keeping the base-wide.

It’s not the easiest shape of this list, however, if you watch some Youtube videos and if you can try to understand how it’s done, you will understand why it’s still in the beginner’s list. To shape almond nails, be sure you have long nails before starting to the process.

You will see that almond-shaped nails will make your fingers look thinner than they are. If you have thick fingers, that’s the right shape for you.

Here’s a Youtube video on how to make almond nails:


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Squoval Nail Shape

White/Brown Squoval Nail Design

Squoval nail shape is a basic shape that you can easily apply and it looks gorgeous. Squoval nail shape looks like square nail shape, however, it’s soft edges make it secure and easier to maintain. As they are easy to use and looks perfect, squoval nails are popular among celebrities nowadays.

It’s an ideal shape for almost every woman. With its 15-20 minutes of filing procedure duration, so many women prefer squoval nail shape.

We can easily say that squoval nail shape is the only shape between square and oval nail shapes.

Here’s a Youtube video on how to make squoval nails:


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Oval Nail Shape

white oval nails

Oval nail shape is the most common nail shape around because it’s ideal for both short and long fingers. Oval nails are both easy to shape and look cool at the same time. Oval nails match with every kind of clothing you want to use. They look cool, elegant and cute. The perfect combination!

If you are looking to create an oval shape on your nails, try to give a semi-circle on the top of your nails by filing. Oval nail shape is a feminine nail shape and it will make your fingers slimmer and longer.

Here’s a Youtube video on how to make squoval nails:


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Round Nail Shape

french tip round nails

The last nail shape that is great and easy for beginners is round. Round nails are also one of the most common nail shapes around like the other shapes above. It’s definitely for you if you are looking to look gorgeous and don’t want to spend much time on the maintenance of your nails.

Round nail shape is the shape between oval and square nails but closer to oval, not like it’s sister squoval. It’s not easy to understand their difference as a beginner, however, if you look closely and examine the shapes, you will definitely understand and tell the difference easily.

This nail shape is a low-profile nail shape and if you are looking the attract eyes on every event you attend, this shape might not be for you. Moreover, you can easily use this shape with any kind of clothing and any kind of color you want and will look amazing.

Here’s a Youtube video on how to make round nails:


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