Elegant Nails: 32 Elegant Nail Art Design Ideas

Nail art is an amazing thing. Nail art designs help you to rock wherever you go, no matter which event you attend. There are many nail art designs out there for you to choose or get inspired from. However, if you want to look classy and modern, the right nail design for you will be elegant nails.

What are elegant nails?

Elegant nails are basically the nail art designs that look classy and have modern colors. You can use elegant nails wherever you go. Elegant nails will always suit and match your outfit. If you are going out at night, elegant nails are the best nail art designs for you to look classy. And if you are going to work, you can rock those meetings with your elegant nails. You can even look amazing in the gym by having these nails.

Elegant Nail Art Design Ideas

Being elegant is not easy. However, you have to start somewhere. The best thing you can do about it is to start from your nails. So, if you like the idea of having stunning nails and attracting eyes with your nails, we have prepared the best elegant nail art design ideas for you to get inspired! Here are 32 elegant nail design ideas:

1. Beige and Blue Stiletto Nail Art

Beige and blue look so hot together. If you make a nail art using these colors and with a stiletto shape, you are going to rock for sure!


2. Beige Long Coffin Nails

You will see beige a lot when the subject is elegant nails. Here’s a great use of beige:


3. Beige Nail Art Design

Use black to make nail art on beige to look sexy while still being elegant.


4. Beige Long Square Nails

Add tiny glitters to your beige nails to look stunning.


5. Black & White Stiletto Nails

Black and white are always the classiest colors. With stiletto nail shape you will still feel crazy while being elegant.


6. Bronze Nails

Bronz is a color that is close to beige and shines like a diamond!


7. Light Brown Nails with Diamonds

Brown is another color that looks elegant. A light brown base with diamond details will make you look elegant.


8. Holographic Nails

Holographic nails look stunning. And they are actually elegant!

elegant-nails (2)

9. Nude Ombre with Elegant Colors

Nude ombre with beautiful colors always look amazing. Here’s one with blue, purple and pink.

elegant-nails (3)

10. Pink Shiny Almond Nails

Pink nails are cute. But if they shine, they are definitely elegant.

elegant-nails (4)

11. Nude and White Ombre Nails

These two colors are always elegant. So if you mix them together with an ombre design, you will look amazing.

elegant-nails (5)

12. Grey & Gold Nails

Grey and gold will make you look elegant wherever you go.

elegant-nails (6)

13. Black Nail Art on Pink Nails

Black nail art will make every color look stunning and remarkable. Here’s an example:

elegant-nails (7)

14. Pink Fire Print Coffin Nails

Fire print is always sexy. Here’s an elegant example of pink fire print nail art design on coffin nails.

elegant-nails (8)

15. Black and White Nail Art

Black and white are always classy. With great nail art, you will look stunning.

elegant-nails (9)

16. Nude & Burgundy Nails

These two colors are always two of the most elegant colors around. Make a nail art using them.


17. Nude Nail Art

Here’s another nude color nail art with one nail shining. Looks amazing.


18. Nude and Turquoise Tip Nails

Turquoise is an amazing color and will make everyone look at you!


19. Pink & Gold Marble Coffin Nails

Look at these pink and gold marble coffin nails and how elegant they are!


20. Pink Glittery Nails

Pink nails are amazing. If you add glitters on one, you will look stunning!


21. Pink Marble Almond Nails

Here’s an amazing example of pink marble almond nails. It looks so elegant for sure.


22. French Tip Square Nails

French tip nails are always an elegant option. Here’s a great example of French tip square nails.


23. Pinky Nude Nails with Nail Art

Pinky nude is another color that you can use to look great. With some extra details, you will look remarkable.


24. Purple Nail Art on Red Nails

This is an amazing nail art design example. Purple nail art looks so cool.


25. Red and Black & White Nail Art Design

You can use three colors to make a great nail art design if you want to.


26. White Almond Nails

Almond nails are always the elegant choice. With white color, you will look stunning.


27. White Square Nails

White square nails are always a great choice if you are looking for an elegant nail idea.


28. Nude and White Ombre Nails

Like french tip but mix the nude and white to make ombre. It will look amazing!

elegant-nails (10)

29. White Coffin with Shiny Fire

Here’s a great example of a white coffin and shiny fire print that will look amazing on you.


30. French Tip Nails

French tip is always the right choice if you are looking to look elegant.


31. Long Light Blue Nails

Light blue is another color that you can benefit if you want to look elegant.


33. Long Square French Tip Nails

A bonus french tip nails with long square shape which look amazing.


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