Everything You Need to Know About Gel Nails

Not all of the people have thick and strong nails which they can easily shape whatever the nail shape they want. If you are having trouble getting your nails longer without breaking it, you might be the unlucky ones. However, there is always a solution for you to make your nails gorgeous.

Fake nails aka false nails are one of the most popular accessories today as they are easy if you want attractive nails. Many people including celebrities prefer false nails which they can easily change shape to shape. One of the best false nails types is gel nails.

gel nails guide

What are gel nails?

First of all, what you need to know is gel nails are not acrylic nails. Gel nails come in polish shades. They are made hard by being cured by UV or LED lamps. However, acrylic nails are powder dipped insolvent.

Gel extensions have two kinds:

  • Hard gelĀ extensions
  • Structure gelĀ extensions

Hard gel extensions

Hard gel is the most common type of gel nails. Hard gel extensions are tough and last longer.

Structure gel extensions

On the other hand, structure gel extensions can be easily soaked off. If you want longer nails with the shape you want and don’t want to feel the heaviness of hard gels on your fingers, structure gel is the one for you.

gel nails guide

How are gel nails applied?

Gel nail is applied on your nail from the tip to the base of your natural nail underneath. Once you decide what shape and length you need, it’s ready to get cured with a UV or LED light.

After the first procedure is done, the next step is your regular nail manicure. You can get nail art and shape your gel nails too many nail shapes.

Here are the nail shapes you can think of:

Ultimate Nail Shapes Guide: 8 Popular Nail Shapes Explained

Do gel manicures weaken nails?

One of the most common questions about gel nails is if gel manicure procedure weakens the nails.

Unfortunately yes. Gel manicures can get your nails weaker because the process leads to thinning of the nail plate and also dehydration.

You also harm your nails and nail beds with both exposing your nails to the lamp for so long and trying to get off gel nails from your fingers. UV lights and LED nail lamps are so popular when it comes to nail procedures, however, these lamps have a great potential to harm your skin. Also when you are trying to remove the gel from your natural nails, you might damage your nail beds.

How long do gel nails last?

Gel nails last approximately two weeks. As your natural nails getting longer underneath the gel nails, it will be hard to maintain them longer than two weeks.

gel nails guide

How long does it take to get gel nails?

Getting gel nails are quick. If you are going to a nail salon and having the procedure with a professional if usually takes about 30 minutes to get them dry and ready for manicure/polishing session.

Are gel nails better than acrylic nails?

Gel nails have much more advantages than acrylic nails. First of all, they look so much better with their natural look. Also, acrylic nails tend to damage your nail beds more than gel nails. And the last of all, gel nails are much more flexible than acrylic nails, which makes them much more safer and a better choice when it comes to maintenance.

How to make gel nails last longer?

If you want your gel nails last longer, you should know that the worst enemy of your gel nails is hot water. Long baths, showers, spending long times at pool or washing the dishes. These are the worst thing you can do for your gel nails. If you want them last longer, limit the water exposure.

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