How to File Your Nails at Home | Easy Nail Filing Guide

Filing your nails is the most essential method of nail care and manicure. Whatever you are going to do with your nails, you have to file them first. And beyond the beautiful look, filing your nails is very important for your nail health. So you have to file your nails from time to time to make your nails strong and healthy.

However, you might be filing your nails wrong this whole time. If you want healthy nails with a beautiful look, you have to learn how to file your nails in the right way.

In this article, you will learn everything about nail filing from how to file your nails to the answers to the questions about nail filing in your head. Be ready to learn how to file your nails in the right way.

How to file your nails at home?

women filing nails

Filing your nails is the most basic thing to do when it comes to manicure. You have to file your nails first before your manicure to make them healthy and look beautiful.

However, not everyone does this the right way. And if you are filing your nails wrong, you might actually damage them. Here’s how you need to file your nails:

Prepare your nails for the filing process

woman washing hands

First of all, you should wash your hands to get rid of anything that can disrupt your filing. After that, dry your hands beautifully to avoid breaking your nails while filing them.

Choose the best nail file

There are many choices when it comes to nail files. You have to choose your nail file wisely as it affects your nail health directly. If you are filing your natural nails, choose your nail file with a high grit to get the smoothest finish. The grit must be around 300 to 600.

Don’t use a nail file with low grit for your natural nails. You should use the nail files around 80 to 100 for your fake nails. If you use them for your natural nails, you might tear them up.

Don’t use metal files and prefer glass or crystal files as they are effective and easy to clean at the same time.

Cut your nails to start

woman cutting nails

Filing your nails is just the last phase of giving a shape to your nails. To give the first start, you have to cut your nails to the shape you want to make. For example, if you want to make almond shaped nails, cut the sides of your nails more than the tip.

Learn how to hold the file

holding the nail file right way

Holding the file is the most important part of filing your nails. Because how you hold the file can determine if you are going to damage your nails or not.

You have to hold the file parallel to the sides of your nail in order to make smooth moves and not damage your nails.

Learn the right moves to file

File your nails by moving the file from the side of the nail to the center of the tip to give a smooth look and shape. Never file your nails back and forth. Only use one motion which is from the sides to tip.

If you are going to file the tip of your nails, hold the file flat against the nail tip and again, only use one motion which is back, to the side where your hand is.

Use a nail buffer to finish

woman buffing nails

Buff your nails by a nail buffer to clean out your nails. Buffing your nails will also give them a shine and a fresh look beyond cleaning them from the nail filings.

Moisturize your cuticles

Never forget to moisturize your cuticles for a full beautiful look and healthy cuticles.

And you are perfectly done with filing your nails.

Here’s a Q&A to get you to understand everything about filing your nails.

Is filing your nails bed?

Filing your nails is good for your nails unless you have done it in the wrong way. If you apply the rules above and be careful, filing your nails is a healthy process. However, if you file your nails wrong, you might actually damage your nails.

Does filing your nails make them weaker?

Filing your nails doesn’t make them weaker but make them healthier and stronger. However, wrong-filing or over filing might make your nails weaker. So be sure you are filing your nails in the right way and don’t file your nails more than once every two weeks.

How often should you file your nails?

You should file your nails once every two to four weeks to keep them healthy and strong. Doing more frequently than this might be over filing and can make your nails weaker.

What is the best nail file?

There are many types of nail files around. However, you should choose the best one for your purpose.

If you are going to file your natural nails, you should choose the one with 300 to 600 grit. The ones with less grit than this might damage your nails. However, if you are filing your fake nails, you can choose the ones with 80 to 100 grit.

Also don’t use metal files to avoid tearing up your natural nails. Prefer the ones with glass or crystal material as they are more effective and can be easily cleaned.

Should you file your nails in one direction?

Yes, you should only file your nails in one direction to avoid damaging your nails. Only use one motion and never do a back & forth motion to file your nails. With more than one direction, you can tear up your nails and make a bad look.

Can you file your nails with nail polish on?

You can’t file your nails with nail polish on. After filing your nails with nail polish on, your nail polish won’t look good anymore and this will ruin the whole point, right? Also, nail polish can make the filing process harder and it will be harder to see how you shaped your nails with file when there is nail polish on your nails.

So clean your nail polish before filing your nails. Apply a new polish after you file your nails which will look so much better!

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