How to Remove Fake Nails at Home

We all love fake nails a.k.a. artificial nails. They are our best savior when it comes to having beautiful nails quickly. You might need amazing looking long nails for an event in a week and if you have bitten nails, you can’t bring up those remarkable nails.


What are Fake Nails?

So what you need to do is having getting those fake nails in just an hour and look perfect. If you are thinking about what those fake nails are, here are they (Want to know about each of them? Click on the fake nails below!):

Acrylic Nails

Gel Nails

SNS Nails (Dip Powder Nails)

Press-on Nails

Shellac Nails

You might all think those fake nails are great. And actually, they are. They save us a lot of time. After applying fake nails, you can use them for more than a month. They are all strong and easy to maintain. Fake nails shine like they never been in dishwashing.  So many people prefer fake nails because of these facts. However, there is one thing about them which is maybe the most dangerous and the hardest: the removal part. Removing fake nails is the hardest process. So many professionals say that fake nails are dangerous for you, just because of their removal. Here’s a great detailed content about that:

Is Acrylic or Gel bad for your nails?

How to Remove Fake Nails

So, you had an amazing time with your fake nails. You went so many events and rocked them with you great looking nails. But like any other good thing, it’s time to say goodbye to them.

And it’s time to face the hardest part of this whole process: removing your fake nails. There are lots of ways to remove your fake nails and they depend on the type of fake nails you have. If you have acrylics on your nails, it has a different way of removal and if you have gels, it’s different. So, we have prepared the largest fake nail removal guide for you to easily remove your fake nails and keep your natural nails healthy.

How to remove acrylic nails


Acrylics are definitely the most popular fake nails out there. However, like other fake nails, it requires a lot of effort when it comes to removing them from your natural nails. We have prepared the best guide on the web for you about the removal of acrylic nails:

How to remove acrylic nails at home

How to remove gel nails


You might prefer gels rather than acrylics. However, your effort for removing your gel nails won’t change. So you can learn how to remove gel nails at home without damaging your nails and nail beds in the article below:

How to remove gel nails at home

How to remove SNS nails


SNS nails were always there. However, SNS nails got popular and trendy these days thanks to Instagram! As one of the more natural and easy choices, SNS nails have kind of easier removal process. So for the ones who have SNS nails, you are kind of luckier than others. You can how to remove SNS nails in our SNS nails guide below:

How to remove SNS nails at home (Largest SNS nails guide on the web)

How to remove press on nails

press-on nails guide

Press on nails are not the most popular artificial nails out there. But you need to know that they are useful and they have one of the easiest applying processes among fake nails. If you are one those unique people who use press-on nails, we have prepared you the best press-on nails guide including the removal process below:

How to remove press-on nails at home (Largest Press On nails guide on the web)

How to remove Shellac nails


Shellac nails are one of the most trendy fake nails today. So many people prefer shellac nails as they are accepted half natural and creates strong and long-maintaining remarkable nails. If you prefer Shellac nails, we have prepared the best Shellac nail removal guide on the web for you:

How to remove Shellac nails at home

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