How to Stop Biting Nails? Quit Biting Nails with These Tips

Nail-biting is a big problem for many people. Many people bite their nails. It might seem like kids are the majority of people who bite their nails, but that’s not true. It’s not a secret. Too many adults also bite their nails and they can’t prevent it. Adults who bite their nails are certainly were biting their nails when they were kids. So, people don’t stop biting their nails if they don’t try.

Here’s an important fact. You can take a deep breath and relax now because you might not be guilty here. Actually, you are the victim. Scientists have proven that nail-biting is a genetic problem. And parents need to make sure that their children don’t bite their nails when they are young. If they don’t stop their children, they continue and never stop.

We all taught biting nails is a sign of stress. And yes; it is true, it is one of the reasons. People who are nervous and feeling miserable tend to bite their nails. The reason behind it is to feel insecure. If you are feeling insecure you bite your nails without even thinking about it.


Why You Need to Stop Biting Nails

Biting your nails is a real problem that you are trying to avoid for years and it’s not good for you. You should stop biting your nails as soon as possible. There are many reasons why you need to stop biting your nails. Here are the reasons:

It looks disgusting from outside

You might not do it on purpose; however, you are doing it too much. Especially when you are working, if you bite your nails it will definitely look so bad. Whether it’s your clients or your co-workers, you might disgust people you are working with. Believe us, it is not something you want.

It can also affect your relations with your partner. When you are on a date, you might bite your nails without even noticing. It won’t be good for your relations with your partner and even with your friends and family.

Biting your nails will make your nails look weird

The biting part is not the only problem. After you bite your nails, your nails will look so weird and it will again affect you when you are working or out with friends. You have to know that your look is an important part of your life and you should take care of it.

Biting your nails can hurt your nails and around it

When you are biting your nails, it might get out of control and you can hurt your nails, the tissue around your nails and your nail bed. It might also bleed which will make a wound after and hurt so bad.

Biting your nails can hurt your teeth

It’s not only about your nails, but it’s also about your teeth. When you are biting your nails, you can even crack or break your teeth and it will ruin your smile.

Biting your nails can get sick

We are touching everywhere in our daily life. And nails are actually the best place for bacteria to live. You can get sick when you are biting your nails because you are eating the dirt and bacteria on your fingers and nails.

Biting your nails can poison you

Like every other woman, you might be into manicure. If you are a fan of fake nails such as acrylic polishes and gel polishes, you need to stop biting your nails sooner than other people. Even regular polishes have plenty of toxins, however, the chemicals in gel nails and acrylic nails are very dangerous for your health. You might not get poisoned by biting your nails once. However, it can affect you negatively in the long-term.


How to Stop Biting Your Nails

You must know that biting your nails doesn’t stop overnight. However, if you work for it and give some effort you will stop biting your nails very soon.

People don’t stop biting their nails when they want it. There are many things you should do to stop biting your nails. We have gathered the best hints and tips for you to stop biting your nails and quit biting your nails as a habit. It won’t be easy at first, but like every other habit, you will get used to it soon. Here are the things you should stop nail-biting.

Cut your nails short

The first and easiest thing you can do in order to prevent biting your nails is to cut your nails short. After that, you won’t easily grab your nails with your teeth. Even if you get some, it definitely won’t satisfy you that much.

Use special nail polish

Believe it or not, there are special nail polishes for you to stop biting your nails. These nail polishes come with a bitter flavor and they have a terrible taste. So, when you are trying to bite your nails, you will be tasting this disgusting taste which will make you stop.

Go to a nail salon regularly

When you go to nail salon regularly and get manicure. You are not going to want to ruin these fresh and beautiful manicure on your nails.

Control your emotions

So many people bite their nails because they feel anxious and insecure. So, get to know yourself and try to control your emotions. Understand when and why you are going to feel insecure and try to stop. At least notice what you are doing and control yourself.

Keep your hands and your mouth busy

One of the reasons you are biting your nails is your free mouth and hands. If you had something in your mouth, maybe a gum or something else, you won’t bite your nails. Holding a stress ball or even a pen with your hands will also prevent you from taking your hands to your mouth.

Ask your friends for help

Don’t be shy to ask for help from your friends. You need to know that your friends are always there to help you. Ask them to stop you when you are biting your nails without noticing. This might also get more useful if your friend is biting nails too. Help each other and you will both stop biting nails.

Reward yourself

Keep track of the days you don’t bite your nails and reward yourself regularly. Give a gift to yourself if you don’t bite your nails for two days. After you achieve it, add more days. Give the reward after a week for example.

After applying these hints, you will stop biting your nails without even noticing. And believe us it will affect your life better. If you feel that you are struggling, you might want to talk to a doctor to help you. Please feel free to share your thoughts about nail biting and this post. Comment and share to support!

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