Latest Nail Color Trends for 2020

2020 is the year of nails! If you are looking for a complete trendy look, you have to complete it with your nails.

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Nail Color and Nail Design Trends for 2020

There are so many new color trends which are revealed in Fashion Weeks. Looks like the new nail design trends are minimalist and easy to replicate. This news is definitely relieving for the amateur nail manicurists around as well as people who make their manicure at home.

There are many new colors and designs for Fall/ Winter 2019-2020. Here we have prepared a list of the best and trendiest nail designs and colors of 2020.

Glitter Nails

Glitter nails are definitely keeping their crown. They were always trendy for the last two years and it looks like the legacy continues.

Glitter nails looks amazing but they are easy to do at the same time. You can always replicate glitter nails at home. This nail design is definitely multifunctional so you can use it almost anywhere.

glitter nails



Minimalist Design Approach

Minimalist graphics is the new phenomenon around. As world is going to the idea of “less is better”, you can certainly apply this mindset to your nails and look trendy & cool.

You can actually create an amazing nail look by just using two colors. Sometimes only coloring the half of your nails might even make a stunning look on your nails. So for the ones who like to look cool and sexy at the same time, you have to consider minimalist graphics for your next manicure.

minimalist nails

minimalist nails

minimalist nails

Messages and Letters

If you are a person who likes to show your personality, this new nail design trend is certainly for you. Giving short messages or just using letters are the new nail trend and they look amazing. You can use your name, first letters of the names of the members of your family, the city you love the most or anything comes to your mind.

nails with letter and messages


With minimalism, the love of nature and basic are the trends of 2020. As we all know that nude nails were the trend for 2019. There haven’t been a big change about that. However, giving a greyish tone to your nudes are the new trend for 2020.

neutral nails

neutral nails


Maroon Nails

Sexiness never gets old. And of course, the sexiest color is still; red.

However we all know that red is not the best color to look elegant, cool and sexy at the same time. Red is more like for the ones who have a crazy personality and likes to show off and attract eyes. For the ones who like to look sexy and classy, our color is; maroon.

Maroon nails are definitely amazing. Maroon nails look bright and neutral at the some time. If you are looking to rock 2020 with your hot nails, you have to consider maroon.

maroon nail art design ideas

maroon nail art design ideas

maroon nail art design ideas

maroon nail art design ideas

Ombre Nails

Ombre is the trend of our era. It gets more and more popular everyday since many celebrities and models use this amazing looking manicure style. If you are looking for the right colors for your 2020 ombre, you can use neutral colors like nude, grey and combine them with pastel colors like blue, green, orange and yellow depending on the season and your mood.


ombre almond nails



Shades of Black

Black is definitely a timeless color for manicure. Black nails are the past and the future of manicure for sure. As black is definitely to-go nail color for 2020, you can always use the shades of black for your nails in 2020 if you are looking for a trendy color. You can choose matte or shiny black depending on the event you are going to or your mood. But going with black is definitely right thing to do!

black almond nails


black oval nails

Half Moon Nails

We all know the French Tip manicure is trend of our century. However, if you are looking for a new trend, you should consider checking half moon nails as they are fresh and beautiful.

We can say that half moons are basically the reverse of French tip nails. Where you use different color for the bottom of your nail bed. This nail design is surely one of the trendiest nail designs of 2020 and you have to have them if you are someone who likes to set trends!

half moon nails

half moon nails

half moon nails

Natural Manicure

Natural nails are definitely classy and easy to have at the same time and they keep their popularity in 2020 too. There are many natural nail designs you can have if you are looking for one. Just make sure that your nails look natural, flawless and effortless at the same time. However, you have to know that it’s not that easy to do it while making your natural nails look cool and beautiful.


natural nails


Press-On Nails

We all know press-ons don’t look natural. However, for the ones who wants to look remarkable and attract eyes around, while not working so hard on the manicure, press-on nails are the best choice!

You can have so many designs and shapes by simply using the press-on nails no matter the natural length of your nails.

So press-on nails are one of the nail design trends of 2020, if you are looking for some remarkable nail styles.

press-on nails guide

press on nails

3D Accessories

3D accessories are the new trends for your nails in 2020. One of the most popular accessories is pearls. However, you can use almost anything as embellishments on your nails. From pearls to stars, butterflies to unicorns all of these little accessories will look amazing and trendy in 2020.

3d nails

3d nails

3d nails

3d nails

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