Latest Nail Trends for Fall/Winter 2020 – Nail Art Design Ideas for 2020

Nails are one of the most important things to check when it comes to a complete stylish look. We all want to have the trendiest nail design to look stunning wherever we go! So if you are one of the ones who is dying to know what the latest nail trends for Fall/Winter 2020, we already made research from Fashion Weeks all around the world and listed them only for you!

Fall/Winter 2020 Nail Trends

There are of course many nail shapes that look incredibly beautiful. However, we all know that there is a thing called “fashion” and we need to learn what it is for the upcoming season, right?

There are some nail shapes, colors, and lengths that stand out more than others. To stand out in the crowd as they do, you have to learn what to and how to apply to your nails for 2020. Here are the best and trendiest four nail shapes to apply for 2020!


Classy Almond Nails

One of the latest trends of nail design for 2020 is medium-sized almond nails. Almond nails are always classy. If you are an elegant person who actually stands out not by having a colorful personality but a rich and cool look, almond nails are definitely for you. As this shape is easy to have and, easy to maintain, it certainly won’t leave the trends for many years. For the ones who have a busy life going between work, gym and outside with friends; medium-sized almond nails will be your hero!


lana del rey wearing red almond nails

ombre almond nails

pink almond nails

nude almond nails

marble almond nail design

Long and Pointy Stiletto Nails

If there is a remarkable nail shape, that is definitely stiletto. Long and pointy stiletto nails are being a trend right now, as many celebrities and models prefer to have them on stage. That is a remarkable nail shape and it gives you strength as well as a feminine and sexy look.

This nail shape is definitely for the ones who love to attract eyes wherever they go. This nail shape and design will turn the spotlight on you. If you have a fun and crazy personality, you have your best trendy nail shape for 2020!






Short and Natural Oval Nails

One of the biggest nail trends for Fall and Winter 2020 is definitely short and natural oval nails. So many popular manicurists think that 2020 is the year of naturalism and natural nails are definitely the trendiest nail design. If you are someone who likes to look not eye-catching but classy and elegant while sexy, you might prefer this natural oval nail design like many models in Paris Fashion Week.



All-Time Champion Coffin Nails

The nail shape that becomes one of the trendiest nails as many celebrities prefer is coffin nails, aka. ballerina nails. Medium-size coffin nails will give you enough space to show your creativity for nail art. Coffin nails come with many colors and complex nail art designs. We all know that in 2019, coffin nail shape was the nail shape chosen by many celebrities including the Kardashian & Jenner sisters, Ariana Grande, Rita Ora and a lot more.

If you are someone who likes to follow the trends that celebrities set and stand out with the colors and nail art you got, medium-length coffin nails are your nail shape to go for Fall/Winter 2020.


royal blue coffin nails






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