Mountain Peak Nails Guide

What are mountain peak shaped nails?

Mountain peak nails are one of the most striking nail shapes all over the world. Mountain peak nail shape may not be easy to make, however, it is so attractive that the hard work to make that definitely worth the time. This nail shape is not for every woman. But it can be for you if you want to make yourself noticeable at every kind of occasion. However, you have to know that the pointy end of this nail can give you hard times. As it gets thinner at the top, your nails will be prone to break.

Mountain peak nails are so close to almond-shaped nails, the only difference between mountain peak nails and almond nails is mountain peak nails are much more pointy to the top. If you want to make mountain peak shaped nails you need to follow these simple steps:

First: Get your nails long. Long nails are required to make mountain peak shaped nails.
Second: Clean your nails and soak them in water for 5 minutes.
Third: Make your nails thinner by using a file as you go to the top until you have a pointy end. This filing procedure might not be that easy if you want to make it at home, however, by watching a Youtube video carefully, you can do it between 20 to 25 minutes.

You can always use fake nails if you want to have mountain peak nails quicker and easier. Because your natural nails might not be strong enough to support this shape. But you have to know that this unique nail shape is worth the time.

Mountain nail shape is the shape that is between stiletto nail shape and almond nail shape.

Here’s what you will find in this article.

  • Personality and Characteristics of Mountain Peak Nail Shape
  • Why You Need It & What to Forget
  • Types of Mountain Peak Nail Shape
  • Celebrities with Mountain Peak Nails
  • How to make Mountain Peak nails

Personality and Characteristics of Mountain Peak Nail Shape

If you have mountain peak nails, which is are wide at the base and narrow at the tip, that means you are a gentle person. The people who have mountain peak nails tend to be more creative and emotionally sensitive.

People who have this nail shape is generally young. They like to attract eyes and they are so creative (of course, you can’t think of shape if you are not). They like to be sexy and they love to influence others.

Why You Need It & What You Need to Avoid?

Why you need this shape?

You will need this shape if you are young and want to attract eyes. You will be one of the most iconic people around you. This shape will also match with many of your outfits if you are going out at night.

What to avoid?

Be careful when you are using your phone or touching to your clothes. The pointy end of your nail might hurt your outfit. It can also break if you don’t act carefully when touching the hard surface.

Types of Mountain Peak Nail Shape

There are two types of mountain peak nails and too many designs. The two types are:

  • Short mountain peak nail shape
  • Long mountain peak nail shape

Short Mountain Peak Nail Shape

Short type of mountain nails is the most useful one. This shape looks so close to almond nails but has a thinner top. The short shape is much more easy to use and matches with any outfit.

short mountain peak nails

Long Mountain Peak Nail Shape

Long mountain peak nail shape is the pretentious one. It is much more appropriate if you are going out at night and wearing a sexy dress. However, they are much more hard to use.

long mountain peak nails

Celebrities with Mountain Peak Nails

There are too many celebrities using mountain peak nails as it’s attractive, trendy and pretentious than the other shapes.

Jordyn Jones

Here’s Jordyn Jones showing her pink nude short mountain peak nails (she didn’t like the color though)



Rihanna loves taking attention to herself. Here are her gorgeous mountain peak nails.


Rita Ora

Rita Ora is one of the celebrities who love to play with her nails.

rita ora mountain peak nails

Lana Del Rey

The mystery woman Lana Del Rey loves to be herself and influence others with her style.

lana del rey mountain peak nails


Fergie is a trendy woman who knows how to create fashion.

fergie mountain peak nails

How to make mountain peak nails?

Here’s a Youtube video showing you how to make mountain peak nails.

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