Nail Abnormalities: What Your Nail Tells About Your Health

Nails are of of the most important parts of our body. We use our nails to have a better appearance and to look good. We shape our nails to any nail shape we want and we color them the color we want and they basically represent our personality.

What we don’t actually know is that our nails are not only about the appearance but our health. You can tell many things about your health just looking at your nails. They might be strong signs of important diseases and they can help you spot the important diseases before they get too dangerous.

Here’s what your nails say about your health.

Pale nails

Nail Abnormalities

If you are feeling like your nails are paler than they should be or used to be, you might be having a problem. Pale nails might be the sign of anemia or congestive heart failure. The pale nails problem can also be an important sign of liver disease or malnutrition. So it’s better to see a doctor if your nails are pale.

White nails

Nail Abnormalities

If your nails are white naturally, it might be an important sign of a liver problem. It can also be a signal of hepatitis, which you have to be careful about.

Yellow nails

Nail Abnormalities

Yellow nails might be very important and you might take action immediately. Yellow nails might indicate a fungal infection, thyroid disease, lung disease, diabetes or psoriasis.

Bluish nails

Nail Abnormalities

Blue nails are not often seen. But bluish nail is a strong indicator of lack of oxygen your body needs to get. It can also refer to the lung problem, which is commonly emphysema and also heart problems.

Rippled nails

Nail Abnormalities

Rippled nails are an early sign of psoriasis and inflammatory arthritis. If your skin underneath your nails is reddish-brown, you might be suffering from of these diseases.

Cracked or split nails

Nail Abnormalities

If your nails are dry, they tend to get split. Cracked or split nails are often an important sign of thyroid disease. If your nails are yellowish you might be suffering from fungal infection.

Puffy nail fold

Nail Abnormalities

Puffy nail fold might be a sign of lupus or connective tissue disorder. If you have inflammation and redness on your nail fold, you might be suffering from these diseases.

Dark lines beneath the nail

Nail Abnormalities

Dark lines or marks on nails is one of the most important problems and it might refer to melanoma, which is a dangerous type of skin cancer. So if you see dark spots, marks or lines on your nail, go to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Gnawed nails

Nail Abnormalities

Gnawed nails are the sign of a dangerous habit, biting your nails. Biting your nails might not seem so dangerous to you, but it might be a strong sign of persistent anxiety. It can also refer to obsessive-compulsive disorder. So if you are biting your nails and have gnawed nails, it is better to see a doctor.

Nail clubbing

Nail Abnormalities

Nail clubbing is an important problem which is an important sign of low oxygen in the blood, often causes lung disease. It can refer to liver, kidney or heart disease. Nail clubbing might also be a sign of inflammatory bowel disease or AIDS. If you are having this problem, it’s time to see a doctor.

White spots on nails

Sometimes you might see white spots on your nails. White spots on your nails mostly refer to nail trauma. You don’t need to worry about it. As your nails grow, it will fade.

Horizontal ridges on nails (Beau’s lines / Mees’ lines)

Nail Abnormalities

Horizontal ridges on your nails mostly a sign of nail trauma. Horizontal ridges occur after serious illness mostly with a high fever. However, this might not be the only reason. The horizontal ridges on your nails might be Beau’s lines, which might be the indicator of psoriasis, uncontrolled diabetes, circulatory disease or it might be because of severe zinc deficiency.

The horizontal ridges on your nails might also be called Mee’s lines, which is a sign of arsenic poisoning, Hodgkin’s disease, which is a type of lymphoma. It can also refer to malaria, leprosy or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Vertical ridges on nails

Nail Abnormalities

Vertical ridges on nails are not as dangerous as horizontal ridges. This type of nail disorder might be a sign of nutrient deficiencies. If your body lacks vitamin B12 and magnesium it’s usual to see vertical ridges on your nails. However, nutrient deficiencies might not be the only reason for vertical ridges on nails. It is also a sign of aging, which you can’t prevent from happening.

Spoon nails

Nail Abnormalities

Spoon nail is a nail disorder, usually an important sign of iron deficiency anemia. It can also refer to hemochromatosis, heart disease or hypothyroidism.

Nail pitting

Nail Abnormalities

Nail pitting might be a sign of psoriasis, connective tissue disorder -which is called Reiter’s Syndrome), alopecia areata or autoimmune disease (which has another strong sign, hair loss)

White nails with a strip of pink – Terry’s nails

Nail Abnormalities

If your nails are white and have a strip of pink, it’s called Terry’s nails. Terry’s nails might be a sign of liver disease, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, diabetes or aging. So it’s an important issue and you should see a doctor.


To sum up, your nails might carry very important signs of your potential sickness. You should take your nails serious and check them frequently.


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