The Largest Nail Cutting Guide for Women

How to cut your nails

Your nails are one of the important body parts you should be caring about if you are looking to look attractive and be hygienic.

Your nail hygiene is very important for your overall health as people use their hands to do almost everything including preparing food and using public transportation. Any microbe or disease you carry with your hands might affect many people around you. Also, with the improper shapes of your nails, you might accidentally damage yourself or someone else. One of the most important ways of keeping your hands clean is cleaning and cutting your nails regularly.

Also when it comes to fashion, a woman’s hands and nails are very important for the first impression. Shaping your nails right for the occasion you are in is crucial to look classy, elegant and attractive.

So for these reasons, cutting and shaping your nails properly is so important.

In this guide, you will find the answers to the questions below:

  • How often do I need to cut my nails?
  • How to prepare my nails for cutting?
  • What tools do I need to use to cut my nails properly?
  • How do I cut my nails properly?
  • How to file my nails?
  • BONUS: What nail shape should I choose for my hands?

How often do I need to cut my nails?


How often do you need to cut your nails is one of the most important questions. However, the one answer you have to know is that there is no right answer to this question. Because every people have different metabolism and the speed of your metabolism changes the time of your nails to get longer.

The average woman needs to cut her nails every 6 days. However, as we said, the value will certainly change person to person.

The right answer to this question will be, the time when you feel they are too long. You will be the best judge of the right height of your nails.

How to prepare my nails for cutting?


One of the most important things you need to remember before cutting your nails is to prepare. Because starting to cut your nails before a preparation might make the cutting session a lot harder than it is. The preparation part will make your nails clean and softer so cutting will be more hygienic and easier. Preparation to cut your nails has three main parts, which are:

  • Cleaning your hands and nails
  • Drying your hands and nails
  • Preparing a place

Cleaning your hands and nails

First of all, you need to clean your hands and nails with a soap to kill all the microbes and get rid of any disease which might hide in your nails.

Then you need to soak your nails into warm water with soap to make them softer. Try to wait in hot water 2-3 minutes. As your nails get soft, it will be easier to cut your nails.

Drying your hands and nails

After soaking your nails into warm water dry your hands to make the cutting session easier. With wet hands and nails, the cutting will be harder.

Preparing a place

As you will be using cutting tools, you should be finding a place where you can be alone. Cut nails will fall to the ground. So you have to spread a towel to the ground to make the cleaning phase easier after cutting your nails.

What tools do I need to use to cut my nails properly?


If you are already prepared to cut your nails, now what you need to choose is your nail cutting tools. There are two main tools to trim your nails:

  • Nail clippers
  • Scissors

Cutting your nails using nail clippers

nail clippers

First of all, nail clippers are great tools to cut your nails quickly and easily. These tools are very popular among both men and women. They are also very affordable.

Your nails will be very close in terms of shape when you cut your nails with a nail clipper.

What you can’t do with nail clippers is shaping your nails the way you want easily. As nail clippers have a standard shape. It will be harder to make different shapes with it.

Cutting your nails using manicure scissors

manicure scissors

Scissors are great if you know how to use them. By scissors, don’t think of big scissors that cut everything. There are manicure scissors to make trimming easier.

Scissors are way sharper than nail clippers and they will help you make the shape you want much easier than nail clippers. However, because they are too sharp and you are going to trim nails on both of your hands, you have to develop the skill to cut nails on both of your hands with manicure scissors. If you are not good controlling your hands and fingers, just use nail clippers.

To sum up, manicure scissors are better to shape your nails but harder to use while nail clippers cut your nails in a standard but much easier to use.

What you need to know is do not use any other sharp item like blades or knives to cut your nails. Never.

How to file my nails?


Filing is the best phase to shape your nails however you want. It will remove the unwanted and dangerous edges while making your nails look gorgeous. Here are some important rules to know before starting to file your nails.

First of all, you have to know that filing wet nails may brake them. So if you are going to file your nails, make sure that they are dry.

The second thing to know is, if you are going to remove a long piece of nail, you should cut it with cutting tools than filing it. Filing your nails are not useful to remove big parts and it can lead to a break or split.

The last thing to know is using the right side of the file. If you have natural nails and going to file your natural nails after a cut, you should use the side with finer-grade. The other side of the file is too rough and it has a big chance to hurt your nail wile filing.

Here’s an entertaining video that will help you understand how to shape your nails using file:


BONUS: What nail shape should I choose for my hands?


There are too many nail shapes to use for different occasions. However, the right nail shape for you must be chosen according to the shape of your hands and fingers. As every other individual have different shape of hands and fingers, different nails shapes will make them look better.

People who have short and thing fingers with narrow nail beds might benefit the nail shapes that will make them look longer and more balanced.

People with short and wide fingers should use long and narrow at the top nails to make their hands look longer and skinnier.

People who have long and slim fingers might benefit from short and edgy nails to make a more balanced look.

And people with long and wide fingers should benefit from nails which are short and ends with a narrow top.

Here’s a large guide titled “What Nail Shape Is Best For Your Hands?” for you to find the best nail shape for your hand and fingers including all the information about the shapes and how to shape them on your fingers.

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What Nail Shape Is Best For Your Hands?

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