Nail Shapes for Short Fingers

What are the best nail shapes for short fingers?

We all have different shapes and when it comes to our hands and fingers, the rule is the same. All of the shapes are definitely beautiful as much as the others. However, they might need to have customized work to look awesome. As all the people have different shapes of hands and fingers, you have to find the best matching nail shape and nail color to make your hands look amazing.

There are may people with small hands and short fingers and you are probably one of them if you are reading this post. First of all, you have to know that your cute small hands and short fingers are beautiful. And by choosing the right shapes for your nails, you are going to make them look amazing. Wrong choice of nail shape for your short fingers might make them look worse than they are. Here’s the list of best nail shapes for your short fingers.

The best nail shape for short and thin fingers

Here’s the best nail shapes for short and thin fingers:

Square Shaped Nails


Square nail shape has a flat cut on top with straight and sharp corners. It has a square shape as you can easily understand from it’s name. This shape is definitely one of the most classy shapes around. However, it’s sharp corners can give you headaches in your daily life and you have to know that it’s not an easy-to-maintain shape.

Long square nails will make your short and thin fingers look long and balanced. It will definitely give your hands an elegant look. So, you have to try this.

Here’s a detailed Guide about Square Nail Shape.

Squoval Shaped Nails

French Tip Squoval Nails

Squoval nail shape is the second best nail shape that will make your short and thin fingers look amazing. Squoval nails are basically a combination of square and oval nail shape and it’s soft and secure edges will be so much easier for you to maintain. This shape is definitely ideal for every woman as it’s a functional and beautiful nail shape.

This elegant nail shape will definitely make your short and thin fingers look great.

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The best nail shape for short and thick fingers

Here’s the best nail shapes for short and thick fingers:

Almond Shaped Nails


Almond shape is a great nail shape when it comes to make your thick fingers thinner than they are. You can easily understand by it’s name that it’s shape is similar to almond. Slender the sides of your nails and keep it thinner while coming to peak. It is one of the most attractive nail shapes around and will certainly match with your cute little hands. However, you have to know that it’s not that easy to make this shape for yourself. It’s better to take some help from a technician in a nail salon.

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Oval Shaped Nails

black oval nails

Oval nail shape is kind of similar to almond nail shape but with a softer top. It is easier to make for yourself and it definitely looks awesome. With soft surface, this shape is so useful and functional. Long oval nail shape will make your short and thick look long and thinner. This shape certainly matches with almost any kind of clothing. Try oval nail shape for your nails and you will see that it looks so feminine and classy.

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