Nail Shapes, Meaning and Personality Analysis


If you like this post. Please make comment and share to support us!If you like this post. Please make comment and share to support us!There are may nail shapes among many people. People decide to shape their nails because they feel like it. And the shape they choose often matches their personality. Nail shapes are a great source of information when it comes to our personality and characteristics. You won’t believe how our nail shapes explain our personality.

What your nail shape tells about your personality

Here are the nail shapes and their meaning & personality analysis:

Personality analysis for round shaped nails

round nails

Round nails are one of the most natural-looking nail shapes among all. They are simple and easy to make. People with round nails definitely so confident. They are happy with who they are and ready to spread love. They see the beauty in everything and believe too flashy things are so unnecessary. People with round nails are convincing, reliable and liked by many people.

Here’s the full guide for round shaped nails:

Round Nails Guide

Personality analysis for mountain peak shaped nails

long mountain peak nails

Mountain peak shaped nails are one of the showiest and flashy nail shapes. People with mountain peak shaped nails are generally younger. They love to attract the eyes of other people and make them jealous. They are also so creative and emotionally sensitive.

People who have mountain peak shaped nails like to be sexy and they are great influencers when it comes to fashion.

Here’s a full guide for mountain peak shaped nails:

Mountain Peak Nails Guide

Personality analysis for oval-shaped nails

Squoval Nails Guide

People with oval-shaped nails are like people with round shaped nails. They are happy with their life and their appearance. They are very sociable and they know how to talk with others and give trust. They are also very likable.

Here’s a full guide for oval-shaped nails:

Oval Nails Guide

Personality analysis for squoval shaped nails

White Squoval Nails

The squoval shape is the mixture of oval and square nail shape. These people are happy with their life. They are also simple and elegant. They like to match their style with their manicure. They don’t try to follow trends and like to wear classic. However, this habit of them usually makes them icon when it comes to set trends. People around them like them so much because they are not fake. They are natural influencers and very reliable people.

Here’s a full guide for squoval shaped nails:

Squoval Nails Guide

Personality analysis for stiletto shaped nails


People who have stiletto shaped nails are definitely not shy and like to attract eyes on the events they attend. They certainly love to be under the spotlight. They want to get the most attention on every occasion and they certainly know what to do with the attention they take. These people definitely love to watch the trends closely.

Here’s a full guide for stiletto shaped nails:

Stiletto Nails: Everything You Need to Know About Stiletto Nail Shape

Personality analysis for ballerina (coffin) shaped nails


People with ballerina (coffin) shaped nails love to look feminine. These people love to work hard to achieve their goals and do everything towards their ideals. They are hard-working at work, at gym, at home and also at everything. They feel proud of their gender.

However, people with ballerina (coffin) shaped nails are also impatient when dealing with people. As they are hard-working, they don’t like too relaxed people. They are great team members if they work with hard-working people like themselves.

Here’s a full guide for ballerina (coffin) shaped nails:

Coffin (Ballerina) Nails Guide

Personality analysis for almond-shaped nails


People with almond-shaped nails are so elegant and classy. They love to look great and set trends. They are also very generous and gentle when it comes to dealing with other people. These people are so kind and feminine. They are creative and hard-working.

The clearest difference between people with ballerina (coffin) nails and people with almond-shaped nails is people with almond nails are so emotionally sensitive. They look strong and powerful, but they have a very fragile heart in them, which makes them so cute!

Here’s the full guide for almond-shaped nails:

Almond Nails: Everything You Need to Know

Personality analysis for square shaped nails


People with square-shaped nails are basic and honest. They definitely know what they are doing. These people tend to be leaders and they know how to benefit from every situation. The people with square-shaped nails are strong and reliable which makes them successful in their career. They care about what they do and they never finish their jobs just to finish. They work for perfect.

These people are also very enjoyable and know how to party when it’s time!

Here’s the full guide for square shaped nails:

Square Nails Guide

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