Oval Nails Guide

What are oval-shaped nails?

Oval nail shape one of the most common nail shapes around the world. Oval nails are the only nail shape that is both easy to make and look gorgeous at the same time. Oval nail shape only works if you keep your nails long and natural. Oval nail shape is very useful and adapts with every kind of clothing. Oval nail shape is the shape between square nail shape and almond nail shape.

Oval nails are ideal for both short and wide nail beds and fingers. To create an oval nail shape is very easy. For both medium and long nails, the end of the nail has to be a semi-circle.

This will help your hands look so feminine. Also, oval nail shape makes short fingers appear longer and wide fingers look slimmer.

What you will find in this article:

  • Personality and Characteristics of Oval Nail Shape
  • Why You Need It & What to Forget
  • Types of Oval Nail Shapes
  • Celebrities with Oval Nails
  • How to make oval nails

Personality and Characteristics of Oval Nail Shape

People with oval nail shape tend to be happier than others. You are certainly very sociable and you know what to talk and how to convince others.

You are certainly liked by others and people tend to trust you so much.

Why You Need It & What to Forget

You need oval nails because it is one of the easiest-to-make and one of the most beautiful nail shapes. It is so useful and adapts with every kind of clothing you wear. Oval nails are so useful that you can use them at important night outs and also wear them daily.

There is no disadvantage of using oval nails. It’s certainly a modest option and looks so classy.

Types of Oval Nail Shapes

This type of nail shape looks best with pretty and feminine pastel colors. Also, oval nail shape has three sizes; short oval-shaped nails, medium oval-shaped nails, and long oval-shaped nails.

Short Oval Nails

White Squoval Nails

Short oval-shaped nails are easy to make and look so cute and classy at the same time. Short oval nails are best for the ones who have long fingers. It will give your hands a balanced look while your nail polish makes the balanced look gorgeous.

Here are some short oval-shaped nail examples which look spectacular.

Long Oval Nails

nude oval nails-2

Long oval shaped nails are certainly much more pretentious choice when it comes to choosing between short and long oval-shaped nails. It will attract much more eyes, however, it is not as useful as short oval nails. Long oval nail shape is a selection of some popular celebrities.

White Oval Nails

white oval nails

White oval nails are the best choice for your daily use at work. It is so classy that it will make you look strong and powerful at your meetings.

Nude Oval Nails

nude oval nails

Nude oval nails are natural and classy at the same time. You can wear it both while going to the gym and going out at night.

Black Oval Nails

black oval nails

You can certainly benefit from this sexy look everywhere. Black oval nails are sexy and look so good with a black dress.

Red Oval Nails

red oval nails

Red oval nail shape is sexy like the black one and it can adapt every kind of clothing you wear.

Pink Oval Nails

pink oval nails

Pink oval nail shape might not be sexy or classy like other colors, but it looks much cuter than all of the colors above.

Celebrities with Oval Nails

Many ordinary people are using oval nail shape. However, it is also one of the most common nail shapes among the most popular celebrities over the world.

Bella Hadid

We can see that Bell Hadid loves oval-shaped nails and proudly shows her amazing nails every time she has a chance.



Rita Ora

Rita Ora likes combining different nail shapes with different clothes. Here’s an example of her using oval-shaped nails.



Kesha has great taste when it comes to nail shapes and designs. Her long colorful but simple oval nails look great with her long and tattooed fingers.


Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande proudly showing her white long oval nails with her amazing ring.



As one of the music legends, Beyonce is also an important influencer when it comes to nail shapes and designs. Here’s a photo of her hand with green oval-shaped nails.


Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is one of the most popular singers today. She is shaking the world and an icon when it comes to new trends!


How to make oval nails

Here’s a cute video showing you how to create oval-shaped nails.

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