Everything You Need to Know About Press-On Nails

Many people believe that press-on nails are for little girls who aren’t allowed to wear acrylics yet. This is not true. Many adults including Hollywood superstars constantly prove how glamorous press-on nails can be.

What are press-on nails?

press-on nails guide

Press-on nails are temporary tips already decked out with pretty art that can be used instead of acrylics angels. Sometimes artists that are not professional make use of different brands of press-on nails like Iikonn and Static Nails.

Press-on nails save you time because they can be decorated before being applied. This is the major reason celebrities like Jennifer Lopez loves temporary tips. Not just because the nails are short and natural; it’s always like “boom” when she gets on stage and kicks butts on Shades of blue. Lopez’s manicurist Tom Bachik tells Instyle “You can always bet that every gorgeous nail that Lopez rock is press-on creations by Bachik.”

Tom Bachik

Press-on nails usually come with several options. This is why manicurists like Bachik can make artificial nails look so natural. You can customize them easily. Bachik said “You can customize press-on nails by first sizing each tip. Some press-on sets come with many options which can use to get a better fit on your nails.”

You can file down the corners of the press-on to get a square-shaped tip like your cuticles. You may also need to file down the length and shorten the tips of the press-on to get an even look. You don’t have to be afraid of doing this because every nail bed is different.

How to apply press-on nails?

press-on nails guide

Many people usually worry and ask “What if the press-on nails fall off easily?”, “Are press-on nails strong like gel extensions?”, “Do press-on nails really last?”, “Will press-on nails not damage my nails?

The good part is that a lot of research has been done on press-on nails and they have been developed and tested to ensure you get the best fit without damaging your nails. There are also many press-on nails set available and all you need to ask is “Which option of press-on nails do you need to choose and how do you apply press-on nails?

The application of press-on nails is no rocket science. There are just 3 easy step processes you need to follow. You will get the best results with any press-on nails if you follow them carefully.

Nail preparation

Make sure you do these basic things before applying your press-on nails:

  • Wash and dry your hand thoroughly to remove any dirt or oily substance. This ensures that your adhesive stick properly.
  • Use a nail polish remover to take off any nail polish or moisture.
  • Check the nail sizes in your press-on nail sets and choose the options that fit your real nails.
  • Make sure you do this before applying glue.
  • You can use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticle.
  • Cut your nails or shorten them to ensure they won’t see through
  • Use a soft buffer to buff your natural nails and give them a long wear time.

press on nails

Artificial nails application

The following are some easy steps to apply your press-on nails:

Layout your press-on nails

Open the package and arrange them in the order you desire to fix them. The smallest will go on your pinky and the largest will go on your thumbs. You can use a file to shape the bottom edges.

Apply the first nail

Apply some dab of glue on the part of the press-on nails that will be attached to you, and another to dab on the real nail. Carefully place the nail so that its bottom curve lines align well with your cuticle.

You can then press it down for 10 seconds to allow it set.

Repeat with the remaining nails

Use the dab of glue on each nail and remember to press down for 10 seconds. This ensures that they are sealed tightly against your real nails.

File the nails into your desired shape

You can carve your nails into the classic, oval or square shape, or any other desired shape, using a nail file. However, you may not need any filling, especially when you like the shape of the nails that come with the package. You can find every right kind of nail shape for your hands and fingers in the guide below:

What Nail Shape Is Best For Your Hands?

Decorating the nails

You can give your nails an attractive look by:

Painting your nails

Some nails come without any design on them. You can use a few coats of pretty paint to give it a classic look. You can use designs such as Ombre nails, flower nails, Marbled nails, Galaxy nails, etc.

Adding some sparkle

You can create a dazzling look by applying a coat of glitter polish or small rhinestones to glue on. You can also do a French manicure to make your nails have a realistic touch.

How long press-on nails last?

press-on nails guide

Press-on nails last for up to two weeks when you hold them down long enough while applying. Many people fail to realize this common problem. When you hold your nails for less than 10 seconds, it is likely to pop off because they will not stick tightly. Also, your press-on nails will last longer when you keep them off water for at least one hour after you fix them.

How to remove press-on nails

Many people hate the process involved in removing press-on nails because they end up losing their skin or part of their nail bed. This is what you get when you remove your press-on nails wrongly. If you desire to save your nail underneath, you can take the following steps to properly remove your press-on nails.

Prepare your press-on nails for removal

Start by trimming down the nails and remove any shine by using a nail file.

Place your nail in a bowl of acetone

Fill up a non-metal bowl with pure acetone and soak your fingernails for a while to dissolve the nail and soften the glue underneath.

Remove any residual press-on nail

Scrape off any additional glue that is still left on your nails. You will achieve a better result with a few extra minutes of soaking. Any trace amount of glue will be taken off.

Do press-on nails damage your natural nails?

press-on nails guide

Press-on nails are completely safe and there is no harsh nail glue. Besides, the removal process is very easy so your natural nails are not affected in any way.

Advantages and Disadvantages of press-on nails

There are pros and cons of using press-on nails and the major ones are:

PROS of press-on nails

  • Press-on nails support strong and healthier nails
  • They give a professional and polished appearance
  • They are ‘carefree’ nails that always look good

CONS of press-on nails

  • It can be hard finding a quality manicurist
  • There is exposure to possible damage and contamination
  • Press-on nails are expensive and require some tip for upkeep
  • You can damage your nail beds with the wrong removal process

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