Pretty Nails: 49 Pretty Nail Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

We all know that nails are so important when it comes to your appearance. Believe it or not, your nails represent your personality and characteristics.

Many people choose many different nail shapes depending on their mood. However, when you are choosing your nail shape, you should also consider the personality and characteristics you have and the mood you want to give to other people.

So many women like to be pretty. Being pretty is both cute and attractive at the same time, which is amazing, right?  However, looking pretty is not an easy mission. So if you want to look pretty, one of the best things you can do is getting pretty nails. If you want to have pretty nails, you are definitely in the right place.

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Pretty nails will help you look amazing if you want to look cute and attractive. Many people are attracted to pretty looking nails and can’t easily move their eyes away. So, for the ones who like to be pretty, we have gathered the best pretty nail art design collection you can find on the web! Here are the 49 latest pretty nail ideas from Instagram:

Pretty Nail Art Design Ideas

1. Colorful Fire Print Coffin Nails

Fire print is one of the most popular nail arts around. Here’s a great example with amazing colors.


2. Grey Nail Art

Here’s pretty grey nail art design with diamonds and glitters.



3. Colorful Coffin Nails

Use these colors to look pretty with these coffin nails.



4. Colorful Coffin Nails

Here’s another example of colorful coffin nails.


5. Neon Fire Print Nails

When you mix fire print and neon, you will get these amazing nails.


6. Pretty Ombre Nails

Here’s a different ombre nail art you can get inspired from.



7. White Fire Print Nails

Amazing nail art with white base and fire print!


8. Pretty Pink Nails

If you want to create different and pretty nails, you can use pink like this example.


9. Purple and Pink Pretty Nails

Great use of purple and pink to create pretty nails.


10. Star Coffin Nails

Stars are one of the best designs you can use when it comes to nail art. Here’s a great use of stars on coffin shaped nails.


11. Pretty Pink Shiny Nails

Shiny pink nails are always pretty. Here’s a great example:


12. Purple and Pink Glittery Ombre Nails

A great example of creating ombre with glitters.


13. Matte Green with Shiny Details

Matte green is cool. But if you add shiny details, your nails will look great.


14. Pink Coffin Nails

Pink is always pretty. If you want easy and quick pretty nails, go for basic pink coffin nails.


15. Pink and Purple Ombre Nails

Pink and purple look so pretty. Making and ombre with these two colors will look great.


16. Yellow Nail Art

Yellow is a pretty color with some cute nail art on.


17. Amazing Coffin Nail Art with Fruits

Fruits are something you can use when it comes to creating pretty nail art. Here’s a stunning example:


18. White and Gold Nail Art

White and gold always look pretty and elegant at the same time. No one can resist this nail art design:


19. Shiny Purple Nail Art

Purple is a great color to use to create pretty nails. Here’s a great shiny purple nail art for you to get inspired.


20. Pink and Transparent with Gold Nail Art

Creative nail art with many elements to use.


21. Purple Nail Art

Purple and pink are the two amazing colors you need to use when it comes to pretty nails. Here’s another amazing purple nail art:

22. Colorful Ombre Nail Art

Here’s a great example of ombre with many colors.


23. Pink and Blue Coffin Nails

Here’s a great example of pink and blue coffin nails.


24. Pink Nail Art

If you want cute and pretty pink nail art, here’s a great example to get you inspired!


25. Nude Coffin Nail Design

Nude is one of the most popular nail colors around. Here’s a great example of nude coffin nail design.


26. White Edgy Nails

White nails are always pretty no matter the shape. Here’s a pretty white edgy nail design.


27. Pretty Grey and Aluminum Nail Art

Here’s stunning nail art made from grey and aluminum.


28. Colorful Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are hot and remarkable. If you make them colorful they will look pretty too.


29. Basic Pink Nails

Basic pink nails are one of the prettiest nail designs out there!


30. Transparent Nail with Elements On

Transparent nail is another popular nail design. If you add cute elements on transparent nails, they will look so pretty.


31. Stiletto French Tip Nails

Here’s a special nail design! Stiletto French tip nails are great if you are looking for pretty, elegant and classy nails.


32. Nails with Shades of Red

A great nail art design with shades of red.


33. Pink Nail Art

A great use of pink and transparent nails.


34. French Tip Nails with Nail Art

French tip nails look stunning with the addition of nail art.


35. Pink Nail Art with Black & White Details

You can combine black and white colors with pink nails which will look amazing.


36. Black and Grey Nail Art

You can use grey to create nail art on black nails to make pretty looking nails.


37. Long Nude Coffin Nails

Long coffin nails are always classy. Nude color will look stunning on them.


38. Pink Nail Art with Daisy

Daisy is an amazing flower which looks stunning on nails. Here’s a great pink nail art with daisy flowers on.


39. Colorful Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails look sexy. If you add these colors, you will look pretty while being sexy too.


40. Shiny Ombre Nails with Glitters

Here’s a great use of glitters on shiny ombre nails.


41. Red Nail Art with Colorful Elements

If you add colorful elements with red nails, it will look so pretty for sure!


42. Pink Nails with Gold Glitters

You can always combine pink with gold glitters. Here’s a great example:




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