Round Nails Guide

What are round nails?

Round shaped nails are the simplest and common shape all over the world. A Round nail is the best shape for you if you need your nails to have a gorgeous look and do not want to spend much time on their maintenance.

  • Personality and Characteristics of Round Nail Shape
  • Why You Need It & What to Forget
  • Types of Round Nail Shapes
  • Celebrities with Round Nails
  • How to make round nails

Personality & Characteristics of Round Nails

It can be overwhelming and tedious to keep your nails perfect in the hustle of regular day to day activities, yet around the nail can diminish the issues of that hassle and necessary care. Round nails have an extraordinary natural look that can complement any hand. Round shaped nails can make bigger hands look smaller as well as rough hands can look softer and attractive by using round shaped nails. Round nails designs are simple to achieve and stay aware of trims (on a weekly basis) and a couple of grooming tools. Perfectly manicured nails demand a great deal. However, round nails are the best adornment to wear on almost any occasion. Along these lines, having flawless round shaped nails is your new beauty objective. Those people who use round nails are happier than others. These nails give a lot of confidence and make your personality convincing. People will trust you more and you will be liked by others.

Why You Need It & What to Forget

round nails

Why should you choose round shaped nails?

Among ladies, attractive and gorgeous nails shapes are widely used. Your nails demonstrate your personality and elegance. You can choose any nail shape depending on the occasion; however cute round nails shapes are most liked across the globe. You can use these nails with any type of clothes. These are easy to wear and you can use round nails every day. Moreover, you can choose a wide range of colors for your round nails such as white round nails, pink round shaped nails, etc. depending on your needs.

What to Forget?

If you want to use round nails, you have to know that this nail shape is not the type that attracts eyes on every single event. This shape is a low-profile shape while still being classy. If you are looking to get attention to yourself, you might need to find another nail shape.

Types of Round Nails

Round shaped nails are the perfect match for your fingers. Besides, round nails have a variety of sizes and types like short round nails, round white nails, round French tip nails, pointed round nails, etc.

Short round nails

short round nails

short round nails

Short round nails have short lengths along with bent edges. Short round nails are not easy to break. This characteristic makes short round nails perfect for women who have long fingers and prefer to keep their nails short.

Round French tip nails

french tip round nails

Round French tip nails give a balanced look to your fingers. It has a half-moon shape on the fingertips that makes it more elegant and outstanding. Round tip nails should be your choice for nights out and parties. If you have small hands, round French tips nails are best for you as it’ll give the fantasy of an extended nail so they look slimmer. Using round French tip nails, you can easily get tons of delight and happiness with ease and efficiency that can make you stand out of the crowd.

Pointed Round Nails


Pointed round nails are also called as “Almond Nails“. Pointed round nails aka. almond nails have a rounded point ending, more extensive base, and thin sides. Pointy round nails provide a natural look to your finger by making them look longer. Pointed round shaped nails are quite popular among top-class celebrities such as Rihanna, Keri Hilson, and Nicki Minaj.

White Round Nails

White round nails are both classy and elegant. These can easily adapt to any type of clothes. You can use white nails during gym hours as well as nights out.

white round nails

Difference Between Round Nails vs Square Nails

Both round nails and square nails are quite prominent and stunning. However, here are their few features of round nails vs square nails that you would like to know.
Round shaped nails, which include a short length with normally bent edges, are ideal for extending short and wide fingers. Round shaped nails are used for making slender wide nail beds. If you have slim nail beds, you should wear a round shape nail either. This shape is also ideal for women who don’t have time to visit a salon. Round shaped nails are not difficult to keep up at home, and their delicate, round appearance makes them perfect for any clothing you wear. You can even choose a wide range of colors with round-shaped nails like light, strong or bright colors.

While on the other hand square nails are likewise ideal for shorter nails. Described by straight edges and a squared-off tip, this nail shape seems flawless and sharp. Women who incline toward a more drawn out nail should pick a shape that has a narrower look. Women who like a short, yet exquisite look love to wear square nails. Square rounded nails are especially complimenting for those with thin hands and long, thin fingers. This nail style is perfect for women who prefer low-maintenance. With regards to colors and shading, square nails seem most hitting when combined with brilliant, strong, or high-sparkle colors.

Round nail designs

Rounded nails have numerous advantages yet the most magnificent favorable benefit of round shaped nails is its toughness. Smooth and adjusted tips are difficult to chip or tear so round nails would be perfect for the ones who have delicate nails and like to keep them short. Simple nail plans are frequently used. One-color is regularly enough for a wonderful manicure, regardless of whether it’s a bright or neutral color shade. Complicated designs are additionally picking up popularity across the globe. For example, white round nails are currently getting popularity all over the world. Besides, numerous celebrities from film, TV and music industry are using round shaped nails as these provide the remarkable blend of pleasure and functionality at all times.

Round Toe Nails

By and large, when we consider feet, we think they are filthy and unquestionably not the most lovely body part. A round toenail is a standout among other approaches to truly change your feet to something fascinating and eye-catching. Round toenails, for the most part, look extraordinary on everybody as these make your feet classy and attractive. This exclusive shape will give a gorgeous look to your feet with a classy and cute sharp pointed tip.

Celebrities with Round Nails

Celebrities love to use the elegancy of round nail shape. Here are some examples:


Beyonce loves to change her nail shape a lot and influence everybody following her. Her hands look so elegant with this french tip round nails.


Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz is one of the coolest celebrities. Her beautiful round nails match so well with her tattoos.


Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale’s gorgeous round nail design looks mystical.


Ella Eyre

Here’s a colorful design of round nails from Ella Eyre.


Debby Ryan

This red round nail shape from Debby Ryan will tell you how sexy your hands will look with red color.


How to make round nails?

Here’s a Youtube video showing you how to shape-round nails.

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