Shellac Nails: Everything to Know About Shellac Manicure

Shellac nails are one of the trendy nail manicures right now. If you haven’t heard about shellac manicure yet, you will learn everything about it including what it really is, why you need it, pros and cons. But first of all, for the ones who aren’t sure what the hell shellac nail is? Here’s our great post to inform you about shellac manicure and a lot more about it.

What is shellac nails?

First of all, you need to know what shellac manicure is. Shellac is a mixture of gel and nail polish. However, you can’t use shellac to extend your nail as it’s nail polish. But your nails will be much stronger than it is naturally, as it contains gel. After applying shellac gel nails, you need to put your nails under UV light like the process with traditional gel nails.


What is the difference between gel nails and shellac nails?

So many people confuse gel manicure and shellac manicure. So, you might be wondering about the difference between a traditional gel manicure and shellac manicure. There aren’t too many differences between gel nails and shellac nails. However, shellac is a nail polish and it isn’t only gel. So adding more length to your nails is just a dream if you are applying shellac. The length of your nails is determined by the natural length. You only add the gel to make your nail polish last longer and make your nails stronger than they naturally are.

Is shellac nail polish better than gel manicure?

It certainly depends on what you prioritize. There are many things to consider if shellac or gel is better.

First of all, gel nails have a larger scale of colors that you can choose. There are more than 380 colors to choose from when it comes to gel nails. However, there are only more than 110 colors to choose from if you are going to apply shellac nails.

When it comes to the removal process, it is much harder to remove gels from your nails. We all know that the most dangerous part of fake nails is the removal process. So if you choose shellac manicure over gel manicure, you have less chance to damage your nails when trying to remove.

Here’s a great source to learn “How to remove gel nails?” for you to learn everything about the removal process of gel nails without ruining your natural nails.


Is shellac manicure natural?

Shellac is not a natural choice of manicure. Shellac is a mix of nail polish and gel. As gels are fake nails and a chemical mixture, it’s not a natural manicure. However, it’s more natural than traditional gel nails if you are going to choose one of them depending on naturality.

So, is shellac manicure bad for you?

Shellac nails are as bad as gel nails if you think gels are bad for you. Some people think that gels and shellac are dangerous for you because you need to put your hands under UV lights to cure your polish. As you all know, UV lights are not that innocent and might be dangerous for your skin.

However, as we said; when it comes to the removal process, it’s much easier to remove shellac from nails which leads less damage for your natural nails. If you want to stay all-natural and keep your nails full healthy, stick with regular nail polish all the time.


How long should shellac last?

Shellac nails can last about two weeks. So if you are going to get shellac nails, you will have fun with your amazing shining and strong nails for two weeks. After two weeks, your shellac needs to be removed as they won’t be as good as it was for the first two weeks.

Here’s an article about how to remove your shellac nails:

How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish at Home

Is it worth to get shellac nails?

Yes, it is. Shellac might have less color choice than other manicures. However, we think more than 110 colors can be enough for you if you think about other advantages of shellac.

First of all, shellac manicure will make your nails much stronger than they are naturally. So you will maintain your nail shape and nail polish for longer times. As it is easier to apply and easier to remove you can choose shellac without any hesitation.

Shellac nails will give you amazing nails which are shining and staying strong for more than two weeks. Shellac won’t even be bothered with most household chores like washing dishes.

You will easily remove shellac nails without damaging your natural nails and nail beds which is the most important difference than any other fake nails. And you have to know that your nail health is the most important thing when it comes to choosing between manicures.

How to get shellac nails at home

Unfortunately, you can’t get shellac nails at home. You can only apply shellac manicure in a nail salon. As UV light needs to be applied when curing the nail polish, you can’t do this at home. And we strongly advise you to get shellac nails in a nail salon with a nail pro even if you have all the equipment required to get shellacs at home.

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