Dolo Marble Nails: SNS Newest Nail Product For 2019

Have you heard about the latest product of SNS? The news has been released last August 7, 2019, wherein the company launched multiple new products. In the said event, SNS declared 2019 as the “Year of Innovation”. So, what are we expecting?

Here is the list of new products by SNS in 2019:

  • SNS DAZL™SNS Senshine™
  • SNS Matt Top
  • SNS Air Ombre™

One of the newest creations of the company is the SNS Dolo Marble Nails. I will be discussing more about the nail product in the rest of the post so keep on reading!



Signature Nail Systems, also known as SNS, is a leading company that is offering healthy nail products at present. The company is owned by a salon owner who is an expert on the nail beauty industry. Their prime mission is to enhance their customer’s quality of life by providing harmless nail products.

SNS is also nonstop when it comes to forming new nail services and other beauty products. They are developing exciting ways to surpass their customer’s expectations. For this reason, we can expect more from SNS in the future.

Reasons To Try The Newest Products Of SNS

Nail art is becoming a trend these days. It enhances people’s fashion and style and it might be addicting once you started adding it into your beauty routine. Beautiful nails can also help someone to gain more confidence and it provides great satisfaction. Why not give it a try?

Are we talking about the old-fashioned way of doing nail art? The answer is no. We are talking about the new nail product of SNS, which is the SNS Dolo Marble Nails. Your nails can be done within a few minutes with a better outcome than other nail products.


Do you want your nails to bear a resemblance to a marble? That’s what Dolo Marble Nails are doing. It will provide instant marble-looking nails through a few steps. SNS gives ten beautiful color options that finish off unlimited color combinations. It allows the user to have limitless creativity until he or she achieves the desired nail look.

You’ll create one-of-a-kind marble nail art as a result because the Dolo nails can last up to 3 weeks or more. That is a long period to enjoy the sight of your new design nails. It will happen only If proper care of the nails is maintained. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?



SNS provides all the necessary nail products to achieve the said marble nail design. The company includes some other materials to complete the nail art experience. These materials are helpful to do SNS Nails Dolo Marble Nails by following the steps to be discussed below. It includes:

  • SNS DOLO Base
  • SNS DOLO Top Coat
  • 10 Colors of Nail Polish


Turning your plain nails into marble-looking nails may seem complicated at first sight, but the process only takes seconds. Then, the nails can last for three weeks or more. That is awesome!

To answer the question, here are four quick steps to create SNS Dolo Marble Nails:

Step #1 Clean your nails

Before anything else, go through the basics. Make sure your nails are appropriately cleansed and clipped before putting other nail products. This will give a better outcome and more hygienic results too. Use proper tools in doing this process.

Step #2 Apply SNS Dolo Base

Apply SNS Dolo base evenly on the nails’ surface. Check out on the presence of bumps caused by bubbles. The result must be smooth and shiny because the next steps will not be successful if the base isn’t accurate.

Step #3 Apply two or three Dolo colors

You can apply personal artsy taste on this part. Two or three colors are enough to form an instant marble nail design. Be careful in putting each color to avoid getting into a mess. Ask for help if needed, not to end up wasting the nail product. Then, let it dry.

Step #4 Apply Dolo Top Coat

Dolo Top Coat serves as a finishing product. It maintains the shiny look of the nails and enhances the marble design. This could be the reason why nail polish lasts for weeks. Just like the base, avoid causing bumps in applying the topcoat on the nails.


SNS never fails us when it comes to their newest nail products. Instant marble look on nails is within your reach with SNS dolo marble nails. It is an all-in-one purchase that won’t demand much cost. Many nail art addicts will surely adore the newest nail product introduced by SNS.

You aren’t late to try SNS dolo marble nails too! Call out your squad to have twinning marble nail art. Then, show the world what you’ve got.

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