Square Nails Guide

What are square nails?

It’s easy to understand what they look like when you hear “square nails“. Square nails are flat on top with straight sharp corners. It’s indisputable one of the most popular nail shapes around the world. It gives a classy look to ones who know how to benefit from it.

It’s also one of the easiest shapes to create. You will just need to cut it’s top straight with creating sharp corners. However, you have to know that it’s not one of the easiest nail shapes to maintain.

Square nail shape will make your nails look a lot wider than they are. It creates an illusion, as the top of your nails is cut straight. It’s best suited for the people who have long fingers and wide nail beds.

What you will find in this article:

  • Personality and Characteristics of Square Nail Shape
  • Why You Need It & What to Forget
  • Types of Square Nail Shapes
  • Celebrities with Square Nails
  • How to make square nails

Personality and Characteristics of Square Nail Shape

People with square nail shape know what they are doing and they care about what they do. They are born leaders and know how to benefit from every situation. As they are certain and strong, people around trust them and give them crucial jobs. And they are truly reliable.

The people who have square nails don’t try to finish daily jobs just to finish. They care about what they do, they give attention and finish when it’s perfect.

These strong characteristics do not mean they don’t know how to have fun! They are one of the most wanted characters of any party!

Why You Need It & What to Forget

If you are working with your hand (and basically in today’s world everybody does because of phones and laptops) short and square nails are so functional. Square nails won’t break easily and it will make your life easier while looking classy and sexy.

There are two disadvantages of short and square nails.

  • You will need to forget the clicking sound when you are using your phone or drumming your fingers against any other hard surface. The clicking sound of your nails certainly feels feminine and sexy.
  • The other disadvantage of square nails is the edge of your nails can catch fabrics of your clothes which can damage your flawless clothes.

Types of Square Nail Shapes

Square nail shape has two types:

  • Long Square Nails
  • Short Square Nails

Long Square Nails

When it comes to long square nails, the first celebrity who comes to mind is Kylie Jenner. You can easily understand how cool you will look when you see Kylie Jenner rocking her long square nails. The long square nail shape is better for the ones who have short fingers.


Mauve (Light Purple) Long Square Nail Shape


White Long Square Nails

We can easily say that light colors look way cuter on square nails when it comes to nail polish color. We all know that it looks cooler than cute when it comes to Miley Cyrus!!


Short Square Nails

There are a lot of arguments on which size of square nail shape is better. Even Kardashian sisters can’t agree on one. Here is Kim Kardashian with her short square nails. The short square nail shape is better for the ones who have long fingers.

It is a lot easier to say that darker colors look better on short square nails.


Black Short Square Nails

The black short square nails look so sexy.


Dark Green Short Square Nails

Dark green looks classy when your nails cut short square even the color is a bit bold.


White Short Square Nails

However, we can never say that light colors on short square nails look awful. Look how cute they are!


Tapered Square Nails

Also, you should never forget about tapered square nails too. They are for elegant women who know how to use them carefully, as tapered square nails are so fragile. If you know how to deal with your nails and love to look special, you should certainly try these. They might also be called skinny square nails. So be careful!

Here is an example of tapered square nails.

tapered square nails

Cute Square Nails

Yes, we said that they are elegant and sexy. However, never underestimate these cute square nails. They can be REALLY cute! Here is an example of cute square nails which you can apply to yourself and attract the people around you!


Celebrities with Square Nails

As we mentioned how classy square nails look, too many popular celebrities love to wear it as long as it matches their dress. We can easily say that these women know how to look sexy and classy at the same time.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe loves to wear square nails for sure. We all know how she changed her style from bottom to the top in the last two or three years. She was once the chubby one of the Kardashian sisters, but now she is a fitness idol and sexy as hell! And her nails are one of the things she changed on her body to get sexier for sure!


Look at her cute purple long square nails! It looks like her nails remind her of a little purple pegasus. She is certainly right!

Another day Khloe showing her sexy pink square nails. She certainly knows how to transform herself from cute to sexy.

Kylie Jenner

The Kardashian sisters might not agree on everything, but they agree on how to cut their nails with a perfect shape.


She used many shades of pink to create this photo full of art.

Kylie knows how to combine her nails and her clothes. Look how classy she looks with her white jacket and white square nails.

Another picture of Kylie Jenner showing us her beautifully cut square nails with shiny polish.

Jordyn Woods

Looking classy is a contagious thing! A close friend of Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods love square nails too! Here is a photo of her hand looking sharp.



Jordyn Jones

Another young and beautiful celebrity Jordyn Jones love her nails. She is proudly showing her orange long square nails to her followers while driving on the highway.



How to make square nails?

If you like square nails and want to learn how to do it, you should watch the Youtube video below.


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