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What are squoval shaped nails?

Squoval nails are a type of combination of the square and oval shape, but the little bit different is that squoval nail’s edges are soft and secure. Moreover, these nails shapes are much popular nowadays, especially among celebrities.

Also, their filing procedure is simple that you just need to take hardly 15/20 mins to file your nails completely. But if you are still confused about how to file nails squoval then continue the reading to explore the answer to all your questions.

This nail style considered to be an ideal one for almost every woman. Because its edges are soft and prevent yourself from scratches and other damages. The short squoval nails are good to try first, because, this style can go fit with long or short both nails.

However, the uniqueness of this shape is that they can’t easily break like an almond or stiletto shape nails. And of course, they are safe and secure from the edges.

Thus, having this squoval shaped nails are quite similar to have a square shape one, but as we mentioned above that square shapes can provide you scratches from the edges, and this squoval one has round/soft edges.

You will find the difference on your own when you go for it and shaping your nails. But they wait for a second! You don’t have enough long nails to make a shape perfectly? Then go for choosing the best fake matte squoval nails.

Yes, these fake nails are ready to use and can be stick on your nails with the help of glue. And then you can finish them perfectly as you want…

Squoval nail shape is the one shape between square nail shape and oval nail shape.

Here’s what you will find in this article.

  • Personality and Characteristics of Squoval Nail Shape
  • Why You Need It & What to Forget
  • Types of Squoval Nail Shape
  • Celebrities with Squoval Nails
  • How to make squoval nails

Personality and Characteristics of Squoval Nail Shape

You are a simple and elegant person who likes matching your style with your manicure. You don’t always try to catch up with the daily trends. You like to wear classic but you seasonally update your look with special items. However, you are always an icon when it comes to set trends.

People around you certainly like you so much because you are not a fake person. You like to act however you want and you are naturally an influencer.

Why You Need It & What you need to Avoid?

Why you need this shape?

As we told you above that squoval shaped nails are a little bit softer in the edges and not like the square one which damages the things around you. Somehow, the point is to keep this nail style with you is that first of all,

  • They are attractive and give you an astonishing look.
  • They can match easily with every of your outfit routine.
  • This shape can elongate your fingers and gives an extra bigger canvas,
  • They can provide you with the strongest bonding of square and oval shape even with the short squoval nails shape.

What to Avoid?

Now, forget about those old-fashioned nail styles which just give you one single look and shape. For example: when you have an almond/oval shape, it normally looks like it. Same this thing goes with square, stiletto, or even the round ones.

This squoval style nail gives you a look of both oval and square with help to make your nails stronger.

Squoval Nail Looking Best With?

Squoval shapes of nails are looking good as a classic, natural, or even with geometric art. You can stay as a natural look (means no paint at all), or you can go with the classic (means a combination of colors).

Thus, it all depends on your choice, if you don’t like classic or natural then go with geometric art.

What is geometric art?

Geometric art is a tricky technique where you need some designs and utensils. You can easily get your nail decoration kit, so it will be easy for you to apply a geometric art on the nails.

Types of Squoval Nail Shapes

There are too many types and designs for squoval nail shapes you can make. These shapes will show your taste and iconic style.

White Squoval Nails

White squoval nails are one of the most elegant, pure and classy nail shapes ever.

White Squoval Nails

Pink Squoval Nails

Pink squoval nails are one of the cutest nail shapes. You can always try it to work or your daily routine.

Pink Squoval Nails

French Tip Squoval Nails

Squoval Nails with French tip is the most natural and classy squoval nail design.

French Tip Squoval Nails

White/Brown Squoval Nail Design

If you are looking for a different and gorgeous squoval nail design, you can try this one. This design is an amazingly special squoval nail design that will attract the eyes around you.

White/Brown Squoval Nail Design

Black Squoval Nails

Black squoval nails are one of the most popular squoval nail shape designs. This design will match every kind of clothing you wear.

Black Squoval Nails

Celebrities and Their Experience with Squoval Nails

Hangout with friends and want to look more fab better than before? Change your nail shapes into the long squoval nails. But the question is why to choose them. Because these squoval shaped nails are quite popular these days especially among celebrities.

You can easily see this style of nails in almost every celebrity from Kendall Jenner to Angelina Jolie. Every other celebrity supposes to have such nail style in their casual days.

Therefore, celebrities with long squoval nails are looking more comfortable compared to other nail styles. Why? Because these nails are strong enough to give you freedom of doing probably anything. But, still, you need to be careful while playing any hard sports or washing your dishes (or take precautions by wearing gloves).

However, when we interviewed with many celebrities about having squoval nails experience, we just got almost the one same answer, and that is “they are stronger and give the look of both oval and square style”…

Thus, we think as a beauty blogger that having such type of nails are attractive and more trending nowadays. You can give them various looks like:

  • Paint them as a matte shade, apply nail polish and dry it with “blow-dryer.” This is the easiest way to look at matte squoval nails.
  • Apply some combination of two or more different colors.
  • Create some abstract shapes, and much more.

Here are some examples of celebrities using squoval nails in their daily life.

Lele Pons

Lele Pons looking hotter than ever with her french tip squoval nails.


Chantel Jeffries

Chantel’s red squoval nails looking so good with her colorful LV handbag.


Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels’ cute shiny nude squoval nails certainly looking very beautiful with her tattoos.


Lady Gaga

As one of the best singers around the world Lady Gaga is an influencer. Her special design for squoval nails looks so different and gorgeous.


Squoval Nails: How to Trim or Make Squoval Nails?

If you want to know the complete procedure of making squoval shape nails at home, then here you can find the complete guide.

Thus, we have also heard that specific question which newbies suffer a lot is how to file nails squoval? So, check out the direction below in which you will get the process step by step:

  • FIRST: wash your hands with a mild soap or liquid, cleanse the hands nicely so that all the excess oil drains out and then completely dry them.
  • SECOND: wait for about 3-5 mins after washing the hands to dry the wetness on your nails completely. (Do not ever try to file your wet nails, as they will be damaged fast easily).
  • THIRD: start shaping your nails into squoval shaped nails.
  • FOURTH: first trim the top part into the straight line and then slightly cut the edges (tiny part to create a look of an oval shape).
  • FIFTH: now use a filer and start filing the nails softly, first start with the edges and then the top part.

Now, your nails are ready into a cute, unique shape which attracts the eye of people.

Here’s a Youtube video showing you how to make squoval nails.


Final Words:

If you still didn’t try this new and attractive shape of nails, then do it now. You will get many appreciations from your colleagues and family. So, that’s why we make it easy for you, now try it and do share your experience with us below in the comment section.

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