How Do You Strengthen Your Nails?

Nails are one of the most important things when it comes to our physical appearance. Nails play an important role in our self-confidence as much as for our beauty. However, it’s not always easy to carry gorgeous looking nails without having problem.

One of the most tedious things when it comes to carrying beautiful looking nails is their tendency to break. Having weak nails will be a huge problem if you are trying to get them longer or make a great looking shape with them.

In this article, you will find answers to the questions below:

  • How to strengthen your nails?
  • How to make your nails thicker?
  • Which nail shape is the strongest?
  • What should I eat for healthy nails?

How to strengthen your nails

If you have weak nails, that means you are doing something wrong. But don’t worry. You can easily fix that wrong and get healthy, thick and strong nails. Here are things you need to do if you want strong nails.

Drink water


Hydration is the most important thing when it comes to our beauty. No matter the subject is your skin or hair or nails, water is always there to help you get healthier and more beautiful.

To get your nails stronger and make them look healthier, you have to drink a lot of water.

Get enough protein


A balanced diet will help your nails get stronger and healthier as it helps you on every aspect when it comes to health. Eating enough protein will make your nails strong while making your muscles strong while helping your internal organs work better.

Do not expose your nails to water for a long time


If you have to expose your nails to water when you wash dishes or swim in the pool, you have to limit the water exposure to your nails. Water, as much as the other chemicals, will make your nails get softer and weaker which will increase their tendency to break.

Keep your nails short


We all know that long nails attract more eyes than short ones. However, if you have weak nails, you have to think bigger and have your nails cut short until they get strong. After then, you can make any nail shape you want.

Consider increasing your biotin intake


Biotin is a combination of vitamin H and vitamin B-7. Biotin supplements will help you strengthen your nails and help your nervous system to function better.

You can find biotin in cooked eggs or sardine. However as biotin is water soluble, it won’t be able to get stored in your body. So biotin supplements taken daily will help you ensure your intake.

Eat balanced


Multivitamin and minerals intake is as important as protein and water. So you have to eat very balanced, eating enough protein and a good amount of greens where you will get your vitamins. Vitamins are crucial when it comes to the health of your entire body, and of course your nails.

Use only quality products

Cheap nail polishes, nail polish removers, and other nail accessories may contain many chemicals that will ruin the health of your nails. So if you are going to use these products you have to know what’s inside before buying. Consider talking to a professional before buying products for your nails.

Avoid using your nails to do things


It might seem easy to use your nails as tools when it comes to opening something. However, you have to know that using your nails as tools will make them weaker and increase their tendency to break.

How to make your nails thicker?

If you are having problem with your weak nails and get them thicker naturally, there are some ways you need to learn.

Lemon and olive oil for your nails


As lemon and olive oil is so important for your health, they are also great fixers for your nails. Make a mixture by mixing 1 tablespoon of lemon extract and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Heat it slightly and then soak your nails into the mixture for 10 minutes. Do this twice a weak and it will help your nails get stronger and look better.

Which nail shape is the strongest?

There are too many nail shapes. Some of them are very pretentious and some of them are very modest. Some of them are classy while some of them are fancy.

You can learn about all of the nail shapes here:

Ultimate Nail Shapes Guide: 8 Popular Nail Shapes Explained

However, if you have weak nails, the first thing you need to consider is which nail shape is the strongest.

Basically, the shapes requiring shorter nail length are stronger than the longer ones. But it’s not the only rule. The shapes with requiring wider nail beds are much stronger than narrow nails.

So one of the strongest nail shapes is almond-shaped nails. Short almond nails are strong because they are short, they have a wide base and narrow peak.

Here’s a guide for almond nails:

Almond Nails: Everything You Need to Know

Like almond nails, short square nails are one of the strongest nail shapes as well. Short square nail shape might not have a narrow peak, but it looks very classy with its wide base.

Here’s a guide for square nails:

Square Nails Guide

What should I eat for healthy nails?

There are many things you can do to make your nails get healthier and stronger. One of them is eating the foods that have important ingredients for your nail health. Here are foods that will increase your nail health:

Red meat


If you want strong and healthier nails, you have to take protein. Red meat also has iron, which is important for your nails as much as protein. Do not forget to eat red meat at least 3 times a week.



Blueberries are like a miracle. They have so many antioxidants in them to help you protect your body cells against any radical damage.



Almonds are a great source of both protein and magnesium which will help you maintain healthy nails. Healthy oil almonds have is also very important for your overall health.



Milk is very important with its vitamin D and calcium content. These ingredients are compulsory if you want to have healthy nails.



Salmon is one of the best sources of biotin, protein and omega-3 acids which are three top important ingredients for your nail health as much as your overall health. You have to eat salmon 2-3 times a week to benefit from its miraculous content.

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