You do know that your nails are capable of displaying how healthy you are and your personal hygiene levels can be determined through the way you take care of your nails (both on your hands and feet). There is no one out there who likes dirty hands and feet, so this is why one must take care of their nails seriously. It is important to look after your nails the same way you look after your face, trust me the attention is necessary. Some people say that the way your hands look can determine your age, so if you wish to keep your hands clean and young you need to undergo the process of manicure and pedicure to achieve this and also have good nail hygiene.

The part of your body that is easily exposed to harsh weather conditions and dirt day-by-day is the hands and feet if we exclude the face. This means that they can be damaged easily and gather a lot of dirt as well. Washing them is not enough to keep them clean and healthy, you require manicure and pedicure. It does not matter if you own a salon or you like going to a saloon to do your nails or you prefer to do them at home, what matters are that you require nail tools to complete this process. There are a lot of nail tools that are involved in manicure and pedicure, these tools include; nail cutter, nail buffer, brushes and so on. In manicure and pedicure, you would require the right nail tools to take care of your nails properly. So many people do not know the use of these nail tools and sometimes use them for the wrong purpose but that will change once you are done reading this article because some of the most important tools will be explained.


nail buffer

Nail buffing is simply the polishing of your nails with the use of a nail buffer which is made from fine grit. When you do this your nails will shine very well and will look attractive. The reason behind nail buffing is to give your nails a healthy glow. It comes as a four-way buffer and is in the shape of a cuboid. Nails should be buffed at least once in a month but in a situation whereby your nails aren’t rough, you shouldn’t buff them often.

Steps to take when buffing nails at home

  • Ensure you do not buff your nails when they are wet because they can break easily, it is better to do this when your nails are dry and clean.
  • You should remove any form of nail paint with the use of a nail polish remover.
  • Choose any length of your choice and trim your nails.
  • You can file your nails into any shape that you want.
  • Look for a nail buffer.
  • Gently buff your nails with the rough side of the buffer.
  • First aim to eradicate roughness from your nails.
  • Wipe off the chaff with a soft cloth.

Few tips to follow when nail buffing at home

  • The growth of facial hairs will increase when you rub your thumbnails together so avoid that.
  • During surgical conditions, you should avoid nail buffing.
  • You should avoid nail buffing if you have skin infections.
  • If you have brittle nails, you should also avoid it.
  • You can harm your nails if you do this often.


nail polish remover

I am sure that many of you have heard of a nail polish remover and know what they do because it is quite stated in the name. This is an important tool in manicure and pedicure as it can be used to remove any nail paint on your nails. Majorities of the nail polish remover out there are in liquid form but you can find them as wipes and they are also comfortable to use.


nail polish

There is no manicure or pedicure without nail polish, this is a very important commodity. Nail polish helps to bring out the beauty in nails, there are different shades of nail polishes. Nail polishes have differences in their texture and glossiness. You can choose to design your nails with the use of nail polishes. A lot of women out there prefer to make use of gel nail polishes than regular nail polishes.


Nail File

The same job done by a file in wood or metal work is the same with a nail file. A nail file is designed to be used after the use of a nail cutter or clipper. They help in smoothening the rough edges that are left on your nail after you cut them. The edges of your nail are reduced through a popular process called friction. This is a vital process in manicure and pedicure because all nails need to be smooth to avoid unnecessary injuries that can result from scratching. You can align the curves of your nails better with the use of a nail file.


nail clippers

Almost everyone in the world makes use of a nail clipper or cutter both male and female because it is the foundation of nail care. The job f a nail cutter is to cut or trim the nails on the hands and feet to a reasonable length (any length of your choice). A nail clipper should be owned by everyone as this best way to cut your nails safely without injuries.


pumice stone

I know many of you have not heard of pumice stone before, well it can be utilized in the removal of dead skin cells that can be found under the feet. Some people have cracked skin under their feet and this is not healthy for the feet and needs to be removed. This can be done with the use of pumice stone.



Before you apply nail polish, you need to keep your toes apart so that they don’t smudge, this is the job of a toe separator.



A callus remover is a tool designed for the removal of callus which is found on your feet. This is done during the final stages of a pedicure, it gives the skin a healthy appearance and makes it soft.


cotton swabs

Cotton swabs can also perform the work of nail polish remover as they help in cleaning nail polish from your nail that may have come in contact with your skin during nail polishing.



These scissors are meant for those seeking perfection on their nails. The work of these scissors is to trim cuticle that might be in excess in order to meet your needs.

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