Top 10 Lovely Nail Art Styles For 2020

Thanks to the Spring 2020 shows, there have been numerous lovely nail art styles that any woman could choose from and look really cool. These styles either are animal prints, minimalist accents or inspired by French manicures.

If you are a manicure connoisseur, we have pieced together a Decalogue of some of the most lovely nail art styles that would be trendy in 2020 – however, why wait till next year when you could start rocking them right now?

Here are the top 10 nail art styles for 2020.

10. Creamy Hues

Creamy nail polishes are a toast of the summer! They were brought to the fur by Miss Pop, a popular nail artist, whose models graced the Oscar de la Renta, rocking beautiful creamy hues of pink against orange, and taupe against cream combinations.

Creamy Hues

9. Micro French Mani

Did you think French manicures were being relegated? Think again! The 2020 show was hit by the resurgence of French manis and in a wonderful fashion.  The micro French mani was rendered during the Khaite show by Betina Goldstein. This style has white tips and a glossy base.

Micro French Mani

8. Mix and Match

This is another style with Miss Pop mentioned alongside. Although it was popular only in the 1980s, she admits it would be a ‘big thing’ in 2020. She ideated the design for the Jeremy Scott spring 2020 runway show. Its design is basically dotted shapes, squiggles, and fun flair.

Mix and Match Nails

7. Bare Necessities

According to nail artist, Gina Edwards, by 2020, there is going to be more nails laced with crystal touches that are carefully and intelligently placed. All you need to do is get a collection of self-stick pearls and crystals and have them placed, as you want it to make a fashion statement.

Bare Necessities

6. Aurora Nails

This nail style makes use of a self-shifting color layout that looks electrical. These magical magnetic polishes have been used for a while, although their usage skyrocketed in 2019.

According to Miss Pop, the shade looks like black, deep green, red shimmers – a style shrouded in mystery!

Aurora Nails

5. Western Patterns on Nails

The cow print design was inspired by western patterns and colors, despite the original creator being Eun Kyung Park of South Korea’s Unistella. The artist believes this style would light up the fashion world in 2020!

Western Patterns on Nails

4. Cracked Patterns and Snake Designs

Snake-inspired nail designs are spreading quickly in 2019 and would become huge in 2020. The thing about this style is that it looks complex (the patterns) but with a little practice and patience, you can master the art and design with a random application of nail foils.

Cracked Patterns and Snake Designs

Cracked Patterns and Snake Designs

3. Coffin-Shaped Style

In 2019, rectangular and square nails came back to the fur. However, they are believed to become even more popular with a few modifications in 2020. The nail shape would be coffin-like in tapered almond or something a little narrower. Kylie Jenner’s nail artist, Chaun Legend loves the coffin-shaped nails and would get the credits when the style hits a peak in 2020.

coffin shaped nail

2. Offbeat Shapes

In 2020, you’re bound to see nail shapes that are not round or square. According to nail artist, Park, wacky nail shapes are bold and risky.  However, they are done in such a way that they are wearable and easily recreate-able.

Offbeat Shapes

1. MTV Manicure

MTV manis are beautiful with tiger prints, neon color base, and various graphic shapes to add to their beauty. You haven’t seen anything like these and come 2020, these designs are going to hit with a bang!

MTV Manicure

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