What to Teach Your Kids About Healthy Nails

If you are forgetting how much your nails are important for your health, you are definitely doing wrong. Nails are one of the most important elements of your body. As they have too many contacts with many places in our daily life, they might get catch infection easily. So what you need to do is to take care of your nails.

However, if you have kids; it’s not enough for you to know and take care of your nails. You have to teach your kids about nail care as it’s one of the most essential things for your kids’ health. So when you are raising you child, you should definitely help your child develop habits on nail care.

What to teach your kids about nails

What to Teach Your Kids About Healthy Nails

For the ones who really understand about teaching to their kids about healthy nail care habits, we have gathered what you need to teach your kids. Here are the most important subjects.

Keep nails short

You have to tell your kids that short nails always have much more chance to stay clean. And of course; short nails are definitely much more stronger and break less often.

Keep hands dried well

You have to teach your kids that wet nails tend to get infection so much more than dry nails. So nails should kept dried for good health.

Rub lotion on nails and nail beds

Teach your kids to keep their nails and nail beds moisturized. To moisturize nails and nail beds, they need to apply lotion after washing hands and drying them carefully. As dry nails tend to split more easily, moisturizing them is so important.

What to Teach Your Kids About Healthy Nails

Don’t use to much nail polish remover

Nail polish removers contains so many strong chemicals which can damage and dry your nails and nail beds. Using nail polish removers without acetone might be acceptable as acetone is the strongest chemical that might damage your nail beds.

Take biotin and plenty of protein

Keeping nails healthy by consuming high quality foods is so important. Especially foods which contain biotin and protein can keep your nails strong and healthy. Consuming plenty amount of eggs, almonds, walnuts, milk, fish and meat is essential.

Get rid of hangnails the right way

Tell your kids not to chew or tear off hanging skin or a nail because these actions might cause an infection. Your kids have to wash hands well with soap and use a nail clipper to cut off the hanging skin or nail.

Check nails regularly

Children generally have healthy nails because of their age and young cells. However, developing right healthy nail care habits at young age definitely help your kids keep their nails healthy all time. So many health problems show signs on nails and it is so important to check nails if they are looking and feeling fine.

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Prevent toenail issues

What to Teach Your Kids About Healthy Nails

Toenails might get damaged much more than your nails on your hands because they are in your shoes all time. You have to tell your kids that they need to think about toenails when they are buying new shoes. Also changing socks daily is very important to keep toenails healthy.

These are the things you should teach your kids to help them keep their nails healthy all times.

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