6 Factors That Prevent Your Nails from Growing

Many people face the same problem when it comes to trying to get their nails longer. Either you are a guitarist who is looking to get your nails longer to play guitar or a person who likes long nails and desiring to make attractive nail shapes and designs with your long nails, you may have a hard time getting them longer.

There are so many factors that might prevent your nails from getting longer, however, one of the most important thing about this issue is your daily lifestyle. If you have weak nails and you can’t get them longer, the first thing to know is the facts that prevent your nails from growing.

Reasons why your nails don’t grow

Here are the reasons why your nails don’t grow:

You have an unbalanced diet


A perfect diet is a solution for almost everything. If you have an unbalanced diet, that will prevent your nails from growing. However, the results of an unbalanced diet may be much more dangerous than ingrowing nails. So keep yourself hydrated and choose what you eat wisely from now on. This will help you get your nails stronger and longer.

You are biting your nails


You may or may not realize this, but one of the most important facts preventing your nails from growing maybe your habit of biting your nails. Biting your nails damages your nails and nail beds as well as prevent your nails from growing.

You are using low-quality nail products


Check the products you are using for your nails such as your acetone or nail polish. Low-quality products may contain strong chemicals which can damage and weaken your nails which will lead to ingrowing nails.

You are using too much nail products


You may be using high-quality products which is great news. However, too much use of nail products weaken and damage nails no matter the quality. You have to give your nails a break at least two days a week and make them breathe.

You are not moisturizing your nails


One of the most important things when it comes to nail health is moisturizing your nails. Using too many products and getting your nails wet too much make your nails get dry. Dry nails lose their health and you can’t get unhealthy nails longer. Always try to moisturize your nails by using hand and nail creams and use gloves if you are going to expose your hands to water for long times.

You are using nail files wrong


One of the most common mistakes done using nail files is using it too much and too harsh. Using nail files wrongly will prevent your nails from growing as it damages your nails. If you are going to use nail files, be kind to your nails and try not to shorten your nails using it.

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